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Cambridge’s top coworking spaces

Posted: 25 January 2022

25 01 22 Top Co Working Spaces For Freelancers In Cambridge Blog

The city of Cambridge might be famed for its rich historical roots and world-class university, but in recent years, the city has transformed into a vibrant metropolitan where eager e-commerce businesses and young professionals thrive.

As more companies adapt to working from home and creatives kick off their freelance careers, the demand for quality co-working spaces has never been higher. Whether you’re looking for a change of scenery to get your creative juices flowing or a permanent office setup to hit those monthly targets, these coworking spots in Cambridge are guaranteed to step up your remote working game. 

The Bradfield Centre 

The Bradfield Centre is a hub for tech start-ups, students and entrepreneurs alike. The innovative space boasts a modern building with dozens of creative communal spaces, meeting rooms, phone booths and lightning-fast WiFi, of course. Whether you’re looking to spark a great idea or simply unwind, the Bradfield Centre has something for everyone. There is also a relaxing yoga studio and café on site! 


The University of Cambridge is a renowned educational hub, but you don’t have to be enrolled at the institution to get a taste of its genius! At ideaSpace, entrepreneurs, students or freelancers can get to work at one of the University’s three co-working spaces. Located across Cambridge, ideaSpace has a network of over 300 alumni members all dedicated to creating a thought-provoking environment where knowledge thrives. 

Wellington House 

For those that are looking for a more professional co-working space, Wellington House offers small start-ups and on-the-road businessmen the perfect solution. Located on East Road in Cambridge, the Wellington House features 91 private offices, 34 co-working spaces and 4 meeting rooms to help businesses get to work and form key relationships. The sleek, modern and open interior also creates a relaxing working environment ideal for those who need a break from the noisy and cluttered offices or home studies. 

Cambridge Eagle Lab

The Cambridge Eagle Lab prides itself on being an incubator for ideas. The co-working space offers members 24/7 access to a variety of services, including networking events, seminars and workshops. Along with hot-desking areas and private office spaces, professionals also have access to a car park, yoga studio and delicious cafés and takeaways. 

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