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Business Storage Units & Solutions in Sittingbourne

Posted: 02 December 2021

Secured Storage Units Storage King Sittingbourne

Are you looking for safe and secure business storage units in Sittingbourne? Storage King Sittingbourne has you covered! Conveniently located in Crown Quay Trade Centre in Eurolink Way, we offer affordable and accessible commercial storage solutions. 

Whether you need a small self storage solution for document storage or multiple large storage units for warehousing, we’ve got the perfect size unit for you. 

Ranging from small storage units measuring 10 sq. ft to larger spaces of 300 sq. ft, you can choose the size that best meets your needs. 


Our shredding services, secure premises and flexible lease agreements are just a few of the many benefits that we offer. Discover the many ways that self storage is a cost-effective solution for business storage needs.

How Can a Business Benefit From Using Self Storage?

As your business grows, so does your need for space. Whether you’re a new start-up or an established corporation, business storage can be vital to help your business grow in a cost-effective way. 

With different size units to choose from, a small storage unit can serve as document storage, while larger units are an affordable alternative to warehousing. Our secure self storage facility also offers a safe and convenient operational base for businesses across the greater Sittingbourne area. 

Each of our valued business customers benefits in the following ways:

  • Reduce overheads of large office spaces and expensive warehousing
  • Flexible lease agreements allow you to upsize or downsize your unit as your needs change
  • Convenient accessibility
  • Safe and secure space for document storage
  • Parcel receipt and storage during business hours
  • Pallet storage for retailers and construction managers
  • Seasonal stock storage for various industries
  • Reduce clutter in the workplace

What Are Some of the Types of Businesses Using Self Storage to Operate?

Did you know that you can run a business from a storage unit? While some businesses use our secure self storage facility to store stock and merchandise, others use our cost-effective units as an operational base. 

Business storage offers great value for various businesses across different industries, including the following:

  • Online store retailers can keep inventory storage
  • Shop owners can store merchandise and emergency stock
  • Antique dealers who sell online, at auctions and markets
  • Charities can keep donations, fundraising equipment and marketing collateral
  • Tradespeople can use storage units for tool storage
  • Fashion designers can store materials as well as design and sew in the unit
  • Event organisers can keep advertising equipment, props, audio and lighting technology
  • Wedding planners can keep decorations, props and samples
  • Sports coaches can store their sporting equipment
  • Market holders can keep all of their products and gazebo
  • Theatre companies can keep props and costumes
  • Lawyers can store extra documents and archives

These are just a few of the many different businesses that can benefit from a safe, secure, and conveniently located self storage unit.

Can I Use Self Storage as a Warehouse?

If you’re a shop owner who manages inventory or a supplier that ships products, you’ll know that traditional warehousing can be expensive. Those high monthly payments can quickly add up, and long-term lease agreements are often inflexible and restrictive.

Storage King Sittingbourne provides an affordable alternative to expensive warehouse storage, with a flexible lease agreement to accommodate your changing needs. 

Whether you need a mini warehousing solution for your boutique store or a large space to keep business inventory safe, self storage provides an affordable and convenient business solution.

  • With a range of size units to choose from, you only pay for the space that you need
  • Self storage is conveniently located, and the units are easily accessible
  • Self storage units are secure, monitored by 24/7 surveillance and alarms
  • Versatile storage space
  • Lower cost to rent a storage unit
  • Flexible lease agreement, with the option to upsize or downsize as needed
  • Discounts offered on long term rentals
  • Packaging shop available on-site

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Business Storage Unit 

At Storage King Sittingbourne, we’re proud to offer competitively priced storage units and help your business save costs. With a range of different units to choose from, you only pay for the amount of space you need and not a square foot more. 

The storage price of our business storage units is determined by the following three factors:

  • The size of the storage unit
  • The length of stay
  • The floor that you choose

Are you unsure about the amount of space you will need? Use our handy size estimator to get a better idea. If your needs change over time, you can chat with our friendly team, and we’ll try to get you an alternative unit better suited to your needs - at no extra fee.

Our flexible lease agreements give you the option of short term storage or long term storage. Save with a 10% discount for six months of rent paid upfront and a 15% discount for 12 months. 

Why Store at Storage King Sittingbourne?

Our friendly and professional team at Storage King Sittingbourne go above and beyond to offer the best experience for our business customers. Tenants at our cost-effective self storage facility receive the following benefits and additional services:

  • Variety of different size storage units
  • Flexible lease agreements
  • Competitive storage prices
  • Packing materials for sale on site
  • Confidential shredding services
  • Secure units monitored by CCTV and alarms
  • Discounts on long-term rentals
  • Free use of pallet trucks and trolleys
  • Manned reception during office hours (Monday to Saturday)

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