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Best Cafés To Visit in Nottingham This Winter

Posted: 06 November 2023

Two Women Sitting At A Table Drinking Coffee At Cafe Sobar

As the leaves of Sherwood Forest start to fall, the idea of being outdoors, even with the potential of spotting Robin Hood, seems less appealing. Instead, Nottingham’s cafés seem way more alluring when winter sets in, with the scent of freshly ground coffee and baked goods wafting through Old Market Square. 

If you are looking for the best coffee shops to visit in Nottingham this winter, our list of cosy cafés is just what you need. 

Nottingham Cafés Just off Old Market Square

The heart of the city centre, Old Market Square, has some of the best coffee shops to visit in Nottingham. This pedestrianised square is, in fact, one of the largest paved squares in the world, so you may need to do a little walking to visit our recommended coffee shops — it just means you can have more cake!

Café Sobar

At Café Sobar, you can expect a warm and pleasant atmosphere and coffee to match. Whether it's their friendly staff, scrumptious food, or quality coffee, Café Sobar is known as one of the best coffee shops in Nottingham. Here, you can enjoy a piping hot cup of premium coffee with an uninterrupted view of Nottingham’s lively streets. 

Fox Cafe 

Fox Cafe in Nottingham

Catering for all the little foxes out there, Fox Cafe offers vegetarian, vegan, meaty, and gluten-free choices for those who need options when visiting Nottingham cafés. It’s a relaxed café that has excellent espressos, sourdough sandwiches, and the best panini in town. 

Malt Cross

Malt Cross In Nottingham

Set in the heart of Nottingham, just off Old Market Square, Malt Cross is truly a work of art. The building is a restored Victorian music hall built in 1877. The café has six different levels, as well as underground caves. Try their very own house blend and embark on one of their fascinating tours of the building. 

200 Degrees

200 Degrees in Nottingham

Local coffee roasters 200 Degrees started out in the city of Nottingham and have since grown into a successful company with 11 branches around the UK. Their central store on Flying Horse Walk boasts a centuries-old building with a beautifully crafted timber roof — but their coffee certainly steals the show. Choose from frothy café lattes, flat whites, or a delectable affogato on a warm summer's day.

Delilah Fine Foods

Delilah's fine foods

Situated on Victoria Street close to Old Market Square, Delilah Fine Foods is a renowned café and restaurant with multiple national awards to show for it. Here, you are spoiled for choice. These foodies have a wide variety of delicious fare, cheeses, and chutneys, and their coffee beans burst with flavours from around the globe.

Nottingham Cafés Near Lace Market

Very close to Old Market Square is Lace Market. Once the heart of the world's lace industry during the days of the British Empire, it is full of impressive examples of 19th-century industrial architecture. Discover Nottingham’s heritage and have some delicious coffee on the way. 

The Hungry Pumpkin 

The Hungry Pumpkin

A cute family-owned café deli, The Hungry Pumpkin serves fresh Italian coffee, Teapigs tea, and cakes. Everyone raves about their lunch menu and if you are looking for quality, their food is made with locally sourced ingredients. Hoping to avoid the laptop brigade? This café is a good hideout. 

Coco Tang 

Coco Tang

If Asian cuisine is your preference while roaming the streets of Nottingham, Coco Tang Asian Cafe comes highly recommended. A Vietnamese café, Asian bakery, and cocktail bar on Byard Lane, Coco Tang offers a setting like no other — its traditional courtyard inspired by 1950s Saigon. 

Kigali Coffee

Kigali Coffee

Worth a visit for their delectable snacks and out-of-this-world coffee, Kigali Coffee has a chilled vibe and great customer service if you’re looking for some friendly faces on a cold winter’s day. 



In need of a brunch spot in the heart of Nottingham? Yolk does it best (all in the name, right!). An independent coffee shop and breakfast joint, they serve sustainably sourced speciality coffee and build-your-own egg breakfasts. Need we say more?

Nottingham Coffee Shops Near the Castle

Not far from the Old Market Square lies Nottingham Castle. If you’re into history and want to spend time uncovering the legend of Robin Hood at the Castle, then you’ll need some refreshments on the way. Here are our top Nottingham cafés near Nottingham Castle. 

The Speciality Coffee Shop 

The Speciality Shop

Just five minutes’ walk from the Castle, you will find this renowned but laid-back spot. Located on the corner of Friar Lane and Maid Marian Way in Nottingham, The Speciality Coffee Shop is way more appealing than the chain coffee places nearby. Their passion for coffee is evident in each cup poured to perfection. If tea is more your thing, this coffee shop also serves a range of seasonal flavours and vintage teas that pair well with their assortment of savouries and cakes.

Cartwheel Coffee

Cartwheel coffee

Following flavour, not trends, is the motto of Cartwheel Coffee. They focus on buying higher quality coffee from individual farmers and offer unique taste variations. Whether it’s coffee time, breakfast time or time for happy hour, this Nottingham café has a great variety of beverages to choose from. They are highly recommended! 

Whether you live in Nottingham and are looking for a quiet place to work or are just visiting the local sites, put these cafés and coffee shops on your to-do list. 

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