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Best cafes to visit in Nottingham

Posted: 08 June 2021

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For many, there’s no better way to start the morning than with a steaming cup of coffee and a home-baked pastry. In the city of Nottingham, quirky cafés pepper the streets wafting sweet and bitter aromas onto the sidewalk all day long.

If you find yourself meandering through this mesmerising city, be sure to stop for a cup of coffee at one of these cafés: 

1. 200 Degrees

Local coffee roasters, 200 Degrees, started out in the city of Nottingham and have since grown into a successful company with 11 branches around the UK. Their central store on Flying Horse Walk boasts a centuries-old building with a beautifully crafted timber roof, but their coffee certainly steals the show. Choose from frothy café lattes and flat white or a delectable affogato on a warm, summer's day.

2. Café Sobar

At Café Sobar, you can expect a warm and pleasant atmosphere and coffee to match. Whether it's their friendly staff, scrumptious food or quality coffee, Café Sobar is known as one of the best coffee shops in Nottingham. Here, you can enjoy a piping hot cup of premium coffee with an uninterrupted view of Nottingham’s lively streets. 

3. Delilah Fine Foods

Situated on Victoria street close to Old Market Square, Delilah Fine Foods is a renowned café and restaurant with multiple national awards to show for it. Here, you are really spoiled for choice. These foodies have a wide variety of delicious fare, cheeses, and chutneys, while their coffee beans burst with flavours from around the globe.

4. Wired

Wired is not your average coffee shop. Unlike big coffee franchises, Wired offers customers premium coffee on wheels! If their quirky bright pink trailer doesn’t show that they are one of a kind, then their unique flavour combinations surely will. Parked in the serene Highfield Park, coffee enthusiasts can choose from lavender lattes, white hot chocolate and even rose ice coffees. 

5. Malt Cross

Set in the heart of Nottingham, just off Old Market Square, Malt Cross is truly a work of art. The building is a restored Victorian music hall built in 1877. The café has six different levels, as well as underground caves. Try their very own house blend and embark on one of their fascinating tours of the building. 

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