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A Day In The Life Of A Storage King Manager – Mick Eldridge

Posted: 09 July 2018

A Day In The Life Of A Storage King Manager Mick Eldridge

Storage King has been operating since 2004, offering self storage solutions for businesses and individuals around the United Kingdom which are modern, clean and secure (find out how Storage King makes self storage secure).

The "A Day In The Life" series tells the story of the men and women who work in management roles at Storage King, managing the teams who make storage magic happen daily. This week, Storage King Basildon manager Mick Eldridge tells us what it’s like to manage his store.

I start thinking of the day ahead as I kiss my wife and kids goodbye and drive the short journey to open up our self storage store in Basildon before 8.30am.

Upon arrival at my office, I check the overnight log to see which customers have been in and out using their 24-hour access codes. I then call the overnight website enquiries and return any overnight phone messages taken by our bespoke answering service.

I make sure to talk to all potential customers with a smile in my voice, and a reassuring tone which conveys that we know what we’re talking about. This confidence reassures our potential customers and makes it easy for them to entrust us with their possessions and rent space - or at least make an appointment to visit our well-located store.

My trusty assistant manager Charlotte arrives at 10am. We enjoy a cuppa and a walk around to check our 740 rooms, giving a bit of spit and polish to anything that needs it so as to keep everything looking shiny and new.

Other duties include opening the mail, restocking merchandise in our shop, taking payments, signing for deliveries and dealing with any queries from customers. At some point I will grab a sandwich, usually in between dealing with potential customers coming through our doors to look at our individually alarmed rooms.

Every let is a goal in my book, every opportunity to convert a “just getting ideas” into a room rented is taken by doing the basics right, knowing your stuff, showing empathy and making people feel comfortable.

I’ve now been doing this for over ten years and still enjoy coming to work every day. Through my work, I am helping people by solving their storage problems.

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