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7 Renter-friendly ways to upgrade your rental property

Posted: 07 March 2023

07 Mar 7 Renter Friendly Ways To Upgrade Your Apartment Blog 1

If you’re renting a flat or house, chances are you have a strict landlord who won’t allow you to nail a hole into a wall, let alone paint the bedroom your favourite colour. But what if we told you you can upgrade your space and put your own personal touch on it without losing your security deposit? 

Whether you’re dying for a splash of colour or desperately need to revamp your kitchen backsplash, we’ve enlisted the advice of the professionals and devised 8 renter-friendly ways to upgrade your home. 


1. Get creative with wall art 

While bright and airy, plain white walls lack the stylish look you would expect from a modern home. Avoid the paint brush and upgrade those white walls with some creative artwork! 

Put up family photos, inspirational quotes, or even paint a mural yourself – just make sure it’s renter-friendly and can easily be taken down. You can use adhesive and velcro hooks to hang up framed pictures, or thick double sided tape will even do the trick. 

Top tip: Do a weight test before hanging anything heavy to ensure the hook or tape will hold. 


2. Freshen up the floors 

You might not be able to rip out old carpets or revamp creaky floorboards, but you can add some style to your space with a few smart design choices. 

Cover up that tired carpet with an area rug, install removable vinyl tile squares in your bathroom, or try stick-on wood planks for a more sophisticated look without the commitment of permanent flooring. 


3. Upgrade fixtures 

Upgrading old and outdated fixtures is a simple and inexpensive way to modernise your living space and give it your own personal flair. Replace dreary stock light switch covers, try out a trendy light fixture, or even replace cabinet door handles with something more eye-catching like brass or hammered metal. 

When you move out, it’s as simple as unscrewing the additions and reinstalling the original ones. What’s more, you now have some fashionable fittings to add to your new home.


4. Change up the furniture 

Add some renter-friendly furniture pieces such as bean bag chairs, stools and ottomans that can be moved around easily when you relocate. 

You can also reorganise what you already have for an instant home makeover! Move the couch to an angle or try out a new seating arrangement – it’s easy, renter-friendly and won’t cost you anything! 


5. Accessorise 

A few strategically placed accessories can make your home feel elegant and chic in minutes! 

Place a tray on an ottoman for a makeshift side table or add some colourful throw pillows to your couch. Cover old mirrors with modern or rustic masterpieces, and include plenty of art in empty spaces or dull corners for an instant facelift. 


6. Hang curtains 

Boring vertical blinds? Not anymore! Swap them out for some unique curtains that add both style and colour. Choose a neutral colour that’ll elevate your space and complement the rest of your home. You can replace shabby curtain rods with something sleek and simple. 

If your blinds are secured to the window and impossible to remove, consider layering curtains over for a decorative window treatment.


7. Increase storage space 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom of three or a bachelor, everyone needs space. While storage is essential, it’s something many people struggle to find in a flat or small house. Adding a few hooks behind the doors or storage boxes under the bed will keep your space clean and clutter free! 

These renter-friendly ideas are sure to upgrade your flat without any damage or hassle – so go ahead and get creative! And if you need a secure place to store your household belongings, self storage is the way to go. 


At Storage King, we offer a variety of different size units, flexible lease agreements and convenient access, giving you the freedom to store your belongings for as long as you need. Contact us at 0800 0852 954 to find out more or get a quick and easy quote online.

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