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5 New Year Resolutions The Minimalist In You Wants For The Home

Posted: 01 February 2019


When one considers that decluttering opens up space and allows you to eliminate unnecessary stresses, it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular New Year resolutions. The process includes deciding which of your belongings to keep, which to store and which to give away.

The New Year is the perfect opportunity and motivation to make changes to the home that are productive and effective. Here are a few home-based New Year resolutions to help improve your lifestyle and daily comfort.

Clean the kitchen cupboards

The festive season typically involves a lot of food, good company and gifts. It also involves half empty mint jelly and three bottles of the same spice. One way to start off the New Year on a clean note is to throw out or donate any half-empty ingredients. Removing your hoarded goods will open up a lot of space and make your kitchen cupboards orderly.

Keep ‘like with like’

The bustle of a full house over the festive season often results in items being left out of place. As you remove festive season decorations, pack away holiday games and sort Christmas gifts, make the effort to store ‘like with like. This will make items a lot easier to find when they are needed. This is a good practice to continue throughout the year to keep an orderly home. Why not then store them in self storage for safe keeping until next year?

Avoid doubling up

Clutter can easily accumulate when not keeping stock of items. A memo pad is a great way to keep track of what is needed and avoid doubling up on toiletries, cleaning materials and household items. You can also download a number of apps to help with this. This will save money, reduce wastage and improve on space.

Take advantage of self storage

Many resolutions start off well and then get forgotten as the year continues. Self storage is a great way of keeping your resolution of decluttering by providing a safe and secure space to store belongings that are not needed on a daily basis. A thorough decluttering process will help decide what items to keep in the home, what to give away and what to store in a convenient location off-site.

Implement a minimalist lifestyle

Adopting a minimalist lifestyle will not only improve your home environment, help you to spend less and be more productive, but it can also have health benefits by reducing stress. A minimalist lifestyle starts at the home by decluttering, storing extra belongings in self storage and giving away items that you no longer need.

If you need a self storage facility to free up space and give your home a greater sense of calm, give us a call on 0800 0852 954 or get a free storage quote now.


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