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10 Easy Ways To Optimise Your Self Storage Space

Posted: 21 September 2018

10 Easy Ways To Optimise Your Self Storage Space

There are many situations in life when a self storage unit provides a useful solution. Whether you are moving, renovating, immigrating or experiencing a different life transition, self storage secures your belongings while you take care of the rest.

How do you best take advantage of your space?

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you save money by optimising the space in your self storage unit:

1. Carefully choose your self storage provider

The safety and security of your belongings should be the main concern of your chosen self storage provider. Ensure that the store has adequate security measures in place, keeping unauthorised people out and providing convenient accessibility for authorised tenants.  The quality of the units, cleanliness of the store and general service offering are also important considerations when choosing your self storage store.

2. Choose the correct unit size

The first step in optimising your self storage space is to choose the most efficient unit size. Explain your requirements to the staff at your store and get a professional opinion on the optimum unit size for your needs. An ideally sized unit will ensure no space is wasted, while at the same time giving you enough space to prevent any items getting damaged.

3. Pack in a systemised manner

Before storing your belongings, pack according to a system of general categories. For example, pack all summer clothing together. Label your boxes - a good idea is to write numbers on all sides of your boxes - and create an inventory so that you know where to find your items if needed.

4. Use appropriate packaging

Whenever possible, pack your belongings in similar sized boxes as this makes them easier to stack. Seal boxes with tape to protect your belongings from dust or dirt.

5. Map your unit

When packing your boxes and belongings into your unit, make sure that you organise the space appropriately. Pack items and boxes that will not need to be accessed while in storage around the sides of the unit, with the items that need to be accessed in the front of the unit (this means packing them last).

6. Stack your items

Stack your items strategically. Place heavier, sturdier boxes at the bottom and stack lighter ones on top. Do so in a way that follows a ‘brick wall pattern’. This will allow you to replace and remove boxes without being stuck for space.

7. Deconstructing furniture

Packing furniture into a self storage unit can be tricky, and sometimes awkward due to odd-shaped items. If possible, dismantle your furniture so that the pieces can better fit together. Hollow items, such as wardrobes, drawers and small boxes, can also be used to store other items.

8. Give yourself space

Make sure that when packing your unit, you leave small walkways between the boxes and items to allow you to gain access when needed.

9. Insure your belongings

While most self storage facilities take appropriate security measures to keep your belongings safe, it is always wise to insure your belongings in case of an unpredictable risk.

10. Protect your belongings

In addition to taking out insurance, make sure that you pack your items in a way that means they do not get damaged. This means placing heavier, sturdier items at the bottom, and more fragile items at the top. Take care to cushion these fragile items as well, using bubble wrap or paper.

By following these simple steps, you will be getting the best from your self storage space.

Use our handy self storage size estimator to choose the unit that suits your needs.

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