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Storage King has 4,000 Savvy Storage Savers!

Posted: 28 April 2014


Celebrations all round - Storage King now has 4,000 customers currently storing their belongings across all our stores!

We are very proud to have achieved this milestone, and are continually striving to make sure we provide the best customer service and the best facilities at the best price.

In fact, in a recent survey of our business clients, we were pleased to find that 92% of the respondents are either Very Satisfied or Quite Satisfied with the service they receive from their local store.

Storage King started operating in the UK in 2007, and today our customers use our facilities for a wide range of reasons; from students over the holidays or those moving home, to collectors storing their possessions or businesses expanding their space.

You'll even find a number of small businesses or traders running things from their storage unit! We make sure all our self-storage spaces are clean, dry, safe and secure - so all our customers can be confident that their treasured items are in good hands.

Every store has a wide range of different sized units, so there's always the right space to suit our customers needs - from lockers the size of a telephone box to units the size of a tennis court. And if you're interested in joining the 4,000, our size estimator can help take the stress out of working out what size you need.

Since opening in the UK, Storage King has just kept on growing - thanks to the dedication and quality service provided by our staff. We now have facilities in 24 different locations throughout the UK, from Bedfordshire and Berkshire to the West Midlands and Worcestershire.

We hope to continue to grow so we can celebrate the next 4,000 customers!

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