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Moving House tips and checklist for a smooth move

Posted: 11 June 2015


Moving house doesn't have to be one of the most stressful things you can do. The secret is all about how you manage change and managing change is the wise old daddy of all dramas. But where do you start?

You've booked the removal van and you've got the keys to the new castle but before you load up the van, think about what you would like to go into the house first - what needs to go in the house first needs to go into the van last! Here's a top ten of what to do first and last when moving house to help you along with the big day.

1)    Cleaning equipment

Is the new house clean? Sounds obvious but pack the mop and duster last and start as you mean to go on with a clean house. This is where the rent-a-mates come in.

 2)    Pack the furniture last

Moving the furniture into the new house first and stack the storage boxes around it; do it the other way round and you'll be moving boxes to make way for the furniture… it can't stay in the van forever.

3)    Have the lightbulbs ready

Classic problem to share. You arrive late afternoon and, it doesn't matter how many times you flick the on/off switch, a dead bulb doesn't come back to life once you've moved. Worst still they've taken all the electrical glassware with them!

 4)    Don't leave the Self Storage to the last minute

The removal men will need to know that there is separate journey to the self storage unit when you make the booking. Better still get all you treasures there the day before, one less thing to manage on the big day otherwise pack the storage trip good last.

5)    Label everything

Label cardboard boxes so the removal men know exactly which room to place the box in. This will save you hours playing hunt the kettle! Its standard practise to label your boxes so don't leave this to chance!

6)    Cardboard boxes protect floors

Every time you unpack a cardboard box flatten it out and place it over the new floor. This is a great way to save cleaning up the footprints and dust from the onslaught of the removal team.

7)    Read the meter

Your tired, hungry and your body has had a work out the Olympic weight lifting team would be proud off. Save the excuses and read the gas and electric meters, you're the new owner so it's your responsibility from now on!

8)    Find the stop cock

All it takes is one slip of the drill and the DIY transforms the dream home into Atlantis. Where to look? Under the sink, under the stairs, under the floorboards by the front door. Find that stopcock before you start.

9)    Can you work the boiler?

Need a shower, want to fill up the bath? Where's that instruction manual for the boiler? Before you ring the estate agent and complain, have a look under the sink (again!), kitchen draw or search for the instructions online.

10) Packed lunch and snacks

Don't laugh! This is as essential as knowing where the kettle is. Saves a journey to the shops and can keep the spirits high. Pack your favourite snacks and plenty of bottles of water, just in case you've had to find the stopcock.

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