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How Self Storage Can Grow Your Business

Posted: 19 October 2018

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Grow your business with self storage
Self storage can be an extremely versatile asset in growing your business. The reality is that space costs money and with a rapid increase in the number of people becoming entrepreneurs and starting their own businesses, it is no wonder that the use of self storage is on the rise.

It’s not only those starting businesses that benefit from the cost saving and convenience of self storage. Renting a self storage unit has become a popular choice for many established SMEs and large businesses who need storage space for their trade and operations, or those seeing good growth and expansion.

Here are some of the top ways in which self storage contributes to business growth.

No need for office space
Many small or new business owners choose to use self storage instead of renting an office area. Working remotely is becoming more and more popular, and using self storage to store all your goods, equipment or even paperwork is a popular option. This option is particularly popular for people who work online and do not need to have a corporate office to meet with clients.

A competitive industry
While rental for office space is often in demand and therefore priced at an ideal premium, the self storage industry is largely competitive. This means that new business owners can save on overhead costs by renting a storage unit instead of increasing the size of office space. In addition, the competitive nature of the self storage industry means that there are many providers in convenient locations.

Make sure you choose one that offers flexibility, convenience and good service.

Option to buy stock and supplies in bulk (and increase profit margins)
A larger stock inventory typically results in larger profit margins. Renting a storage unit allows businesses to order in bulk without worrying about where to store their belongings or excess.

Buying in bulk also reduces the chance of stock shortages which can negatively impact the reputation of a new company.

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Improved flexibility
Growing a business is a challenge in itself – worrying about the cost of renting office space does not need to be an additional stressor. Self storage allows small businesses to expand and contract throughout the first few years as rental agreements are mostly flexible in nature.
In this way, self storage is a cost effective and flexible alternative to long-term commitments to commercial premises.

Not only do most providers allow you to change the size of your unit depending on your requirements, but they also offer after hour accessibility which makes moving a lot easier and more flexible.

A more productive office space
Self storage is the perfect solution for extra stock, furniture and general filing that is not needed on a daily basis.

This can open up a lot of space in the office and makes for a far more productive working environment that is less cramped and cluttered.

Increased safety for your belongings
Self storage units are known to offer exceptional safety and security. Storing your business’s belongings in a unit will give you added peace of mind that your income collateral is secure.

A self storage unit contributes far more to your business than simply storing goods – it allows you to have a safe and secure space that is cost-effective and works with your business goals to improve your profit margins, space productivity and growth.

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