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A Day In The Life Of A Storage King Manager - Izzy Harris

Posted: 04 May 2018

A Day In The Life Of Storage King Epsom Izzy Harris

On my way to work in the morning, I enjoy my vanilla latte as I sit in traffic. I get to work about half an hour early, so I can comfortably open up, walk round, check the building and sweep up any mess, then to the office to meet the day head on.

The priority is to get in touch with new enquiries as soon as possible, it’s all about the people and getting to the phones before our competition, every call counts. We have a live dashboard in our operating software which helps to prioritise all the calls we need to make and sort the really important tasks. Storage King Epsom is one of the most organised self storage stores in the UK!

Once the morning calls are complete, we get on with the general office tasks, we use a daily task sheet and sign off the duties as we go along. This way whoever is on the later shift can see exactly what needs to be done and ensures nothing gets missed. We take a quick lunch break before we start cleaning. The storage units are our shop front and they need to be kept clean and tidy. There is something quite satisfying about looking down a clean and tidy corridor. Back to the office for any afternoon calls and tasks, maybe the odd debtor or two to chase up on.

The day is interspersed with answering calls, customers moving in, or buying boxes for packing and looking after existing customers. We have a great relationship with our customers, some even join us for a coffee on occasion to chat about what’s happening in the local community and any charity events they are running. Closing down is all about the calls, these are the priority to run a successful store. A quick hoover of the office, sign off the days paperwork, prep for tomorrows reservations/move-ins, a short walk round to check all is well, lock up and off home.

Why do I love my job? Besides the wonderful people that work for Storage King and my lovely customers. It’s the talking to people from all different walks of life that excites me. My forte is talking! It’s what I do best and what I love to do. (Just ask my partner, he is always telling me to be quiet!) I find it suits me best to invite the customers down for a visit, so that we can show them around the facility and chat, that’s my favourite part of the day. That’s why I love my job, I get paid to chat to people and help solve their space problems.

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