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A Day In The Life Of A Storage King Manager – Ella Willmott

Posted: 15 October 2018

A Day In The Life Of Storage King Dartford Ella Willmott

Storage King has aimed to help make self storage simple for businesses and everyday people since 2004.

Our store managers are an integral part of our flexible and easy to use service, responsible for leading the teams who make storage magic happen on a daily basis.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a Manager for Storage King? Our "A Day In The Life" series tells the story of the men and women on the front lines every day. This week we chat to Ella Willmott, Manager at Storage King Dartford.

I’m lucky to live close to work, so I often enjoy a walk with my dog Boycie before I arrive at the office at 8.10am for an 8.30am start.

I am a list person, so once my PC is running I draw up my task list for the day before hitting the phone for a good few hours. Web enquiries are a priority followed by general follow-up calls. At 10am the second staff member arrives and does a walk around. If there are any issues or cleaning that needs to be done, they get added to the to-do list. We then do our accounts calls, invoices and payments, followed by more cleaning. Other daily tasks consist of health and safety checks, lock checks, restocking merchandise and dealing with customers and calls in-between. Lunch time comes around quickly, which I often use to tick something else off my list.

I love my store and my job. I am driven by how much we can do to achieve excellent results. Each year is better than the last and I want to get the store to the best it can be.

What I enjoy most each day is interacting with customers - helping them and getting to know their individual circumstances. Often, we witness someone’s start-up business grow and sometimes outgrow us as a result of their hard work, which is great to see.

We have 35 offices on site so we get to see our regulars on a daily basis. We love a social drink and try to arrange pub outings every few months with customers and staff, which are always good for a laugh.

I have been with Storage King since they bought the storage facility I worked for in 2011. Adjusting to a new way of doing things as part of a bigger team was tough, but I soon picked it up. With all the experience and financial backing from Storage King, my store was spruced up and put on course to grow. And we certainly have.

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