Archive Storage

How Archive Storage Can Help You

Some people consider archive storage as documents that are rarely required anymore where as others would classify it as any offsite document storage. Whatever your need we can help you find the perfect unit size to keep your documents safe and organised for easy access if you do require them.

Most businesses have to keep certain documents on record either for compliance reasons or for company purposes. These documents can build up over time, particularly for larger business and take up valuable office space.

Using self storage units for these documents means that they can be kept safely and securely and you don't need to think about them until you need to access them again. You can get a unit size to perfectly fit the amount of boxes you have. If this grows over time, you can easily increase the unit size that you have to cater for this.

What to Consider For Archive Storage

Making the best use of the unit size means packing and unpacking strategically. To make the most of your money pack the boxes tightly together using racking so that you don't require a larger unit space, however, bear in mind that if you need to access any of the boxes during your stay with us then pack them close to the front.

Why Choose Storage King?

We have storage units ranging from the size of a small locker (which can fit 8 of our medium sized boxes) through to 400 sq. ft. which can fit the contents of a double garage!
We make it easy to change the size of your unit if needed with no additional charge.
We can help advise on the best way to store your boxes to get the most out of the unit size that you have and make sure that any documents you will need to use often you can easily access without moving everything around.

We have discounts with local van hire companies if you are unable to transport your belongings at the ideal time. We sell boxes and other packaging supplies you might need - check out our supplies page for the prices.

  • Parking space
  • Flexible contracts with only a 7 day minimum rental required
  • 24 hour secure access
  • No additional or hidden costs
  • Industry specific insurance policy available

Storage Prices and Discounts

We charge you on a calendar monthly meaning that you enjoy a couple of extra days for the months on us compared to companies who charge 4 weekly. Our prices depend on the size of the unit and length of time that you require. Simply fill out our quote form on our homepage or business storage page.

We like to keep our customers happy and every penny saved is important so we will let you know how much money you have saved from our local competitors where we can! Our prices and discounts page has the latest offers across all of our services so make sure to check it out.  

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