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What to do in Shrewsbury

Posted: 14 July 2020

What To Do In Shrewsbury

While we may not see international tourists flocking to our shores at the moment, the UK offers a spectacular selection of cities and towns to visit.

In today’s blog post we feature Shrewsbury, set just nine miles away from the border of Wales. If you are looking to visit this country town in Shropshire, here are a few things that will keep you busy.

Top 5 Activities to do in Shrewsbury

Trips along the River Severn 

This picturesque activity is considered one of the star attractions of Shrewsbury. Whether you take a walk along the river or book a cruise for Sunday lunch, this activity is a must.

See the flowers at The Quarry 

This activity is perfect for the summer as all of the flowers are in full bloom and you can take time to relax in the gardens. It is also officially the host of the Shrewsbury Flower Show which normally takes place over two days in August.


From shopping the historic town centre to going to the market, you are bound to find some interesting items here! The award-winning Shrewsbury Market is home to traders selling a diverse range of goods from fresh fruits and vegetables to antiques and china.


Shrewsbury offers a few different places to satisfy your need for some theatre in your life! You could head to the Theatre Severn which hosts comedy, drama, dance and musicals. You could also head down to Alberts Shed which is a smaller theatre but has garnered a reputation for being the place to go to support local and touring artists.

Shrewsbury Castle

This castle is surrounded by the River Severn loop. This castle was erected during the Norman invasion and has been considered to be an impenetrable fortress. This restored castle is now home to the Shropshire Regimental Museum.

There are plenty of other activities to keep you busy on your next trip to this country town.

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