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What to do in Epsom

Posted: 17 April 2020

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What to do in Epsom

From the stomping ground of the famous body coach to King VIII’s palace, Epsom has much to offer.

If you travel a few miles southwest of London, you will find the town of Epsom nestled between Ashtead and Ewell. Rich in history, Epsom has a host of different activities and landmarks to boast about. The beautiful town is home to the Epsom Downs derby, a mansion, parks, golf courses and schools. To find out more about all of the things you can do in Epsom, keep reading!

Nonsuch Park

Nonsuch park is set Cheam and Ewell village, north of Epsom and Ewell. The park is host to a variety of different plant species and right in the center is Nonsuch Mansion. This park is popular as a lunch time retreat for those who work in the area and for students after school. You can also expect to see many kiddies parties being held in the park and even the odd wedding reception thanks to the mansion being a rented out for such occasions. Adjacent to the mansion is a café called the Nonsuch Pantry Café which is the perfect place to have a cup of tea and something to eat after lounging on the lawns of the park.

Henry VIII palace

King Henry VIII began building Nonsuch Palace during October of 1537 and was near completion by January of 1541. When Henry VIII died in 1547, the building still hadn’t been completed and it was at this time that the palace build was taken over by an Earl. In 1592, the palace was taken back by the Royal Family until 1670 when Charles II gave it to his mistress, Barbara Villiers, who eventually became the Baroness of Nonsuch, Duchess of Cleveland. She had the palace demolished in 1682/83 to offset her debts and in 1959 the site was excavated with only small remnants of the palace remain today. It’s a wonderful site to visit for those that enjoy taking a look back at history.

Adventure Park

If you are looking for a great place to take your children for an adventurous day out, how about taking them to the Hobbledown adventure park and zoo. With over fifty acres of activities to do, there is no room for boredom.

Situated on Horton Lane in Epsom, Hobbledown has everything from animal experiences to zorbing. Your children can encounter birds of prey and even get close to some Coati’s. Whatever it is that keeps your kids entertained, there is a good chance that Hobbledown has it.    

Epsom Downs

Settled in the heart of the Surrey Country side, Epsom Downs has magnificent views of London and is host to the famous Epsom Derby which takes place in June each year. The horse racing derby takes place over two days and is one of the main events of the social season. From the fashion to the racing, it’s a popular event that draws crowds from across the UK. The Epsom Derby started in 1780 and has become a premier event of the racing season.  

Epsom Golf Course

If you are an avid golf fanatic, the Epsom Golf Club which was established in 1889 is a spectacular place to play. It is situated in North Downs and boast great panoramic view of London. Why not stop by the course and learn all about its long and interesting history. After the game, you of course can store your clubs in one of our secure self storage units at Storage King Epsom.


The college was founded by Her Majesty Queen Victoria in 1855 to help families that had fallen on difficult times and also became home to orphans of medical families. The school generously offered free schooling to these children and supplied them with free housing and clothing. Today, Epsom college is a co-educational school as having introduced female pupils in 1976.

Body Coach

While spending more time at home, you may be in search for some inspiration and guidance for at-home-workouts. The Epsom born fitness coach and instructor, Joe Wicks, may have the answers! He is gaining serious traction on social media all around the world for his at home workouts and PE sessions for kids. His website offers a variety of different transformation and workout plans. To see more of Joe Wicks workout plans, take a look here. This is could be a fun way to keep yourself and your children fit and active during the day.

Secure Self Storage in Epsom

Whether it’s golf that you are into, walking around the town taking in the historic sites or heading to the park with the kids to relax and have a picnic, we are here to help with all your storage needs.

Over the years, Storage King Epsom has help thousands of families, businesses and students in the area with their space problems by offering safe and convenient self storage. What makes our facility in Epsom so popular is the variety of unit sizes that we offer. Customers are able to choose a unit size that suits their exact needs and not pay for space they won’t use (the units range from 10sq. ft. to 200sq.ft in size).

Storage King Epsom also offers an affordable shredding service for those confidential documents. Also, if you need packaging materials, we’ve got you covered through our packaging shop situated in the facility which features a wide selection of products to help protect your household or business items while they are in storage.

A few our other features and benefits include:

  • 24-hour access to your unit
  • Helpful and friendly staff
  • Secure units that feature alarms and CCTV
  • Free use of pallet trucks and trolleys
  • Refunds for unused storage days
  • Manned reception during office hours Monday – Saturday
  • Discounts for prepaid long-term rentals

If you’re looking for affordable self storage in and around the Epsom area, don’t hesitate to pop into our easily accessible and conveniently located facility in Epsom Trade Park, Units 5&6, Blenheim Road, Epsom, or give us a call us on 01925 638877.

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