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Ultimate life hacks every games room supplier should know

Posted: 30 July 2021

table tennis

For Liberty Games, playing around is serious business. As one of the largest and leading games room equipment suppliers in the UK, the crew are experts at knowing how to have a good time. From luxury pool tables and arcade consoles to pinball machines and digital jukeboxes, they sell and deliver a wide range of leisure equipment to homes and businesses around the world. The technical crew also offer refurbishment services and are one of the only professional pinball machine restoration houses in the country. 

When asked how they turned fun into a full-time career, this is what they had to say: 

1. Be tenacious

As a company starting out, unexpected challenges are inevitable but when things look bad you have to push through and keep going no matter how difficult it may be. Learn how to harness your passion and let it guide you through difficult times. 

 2. Always Deliver

During the festive season, sales can increase drastically overnight so you need to get your delivery solutions right to soothe the demands. We've spent years adjusting and refining our delivery solutions, tailoring the most efficient service for each product. If your delivery system is reliable and error-free, you will not only build trust with your customers but become a reputable supplier. 

 3. Set achievable goals 

Keep margins reasonable. If they are too low the business won’t work, and if they are too high you won’t sell anything. Find the perfect balance and maintain it for a consistent turnover year after year. 

 4. Purchase mindfully 

Make your product selections carefully, and be realistic about what sales rates you can achieve. Although Liberty Games has an impressive catalogue of top-quality gaming equipment, none of the products were bought without looking at the numbers and discussing it extensively with the team. 

 5. Think about tomorrow

Don’t be tempted by the early payday. While it can be easy to splurge your company’s first real earnings, it’s important to reinvest the profits into your business’s future. By having this foresight, you will not only grow your profits but better your business’s chance at success in the long term.  

Today, Liberty Games continues to bring families together through the joy of games. To learn more about Liberty Games and their world-class equipment, visit their website or read their business journey over on our blog.

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