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Ultimate hacks for storing out-of-season clothing

Posted: 09 November 2021

How To Store Seasonal Clothes 2

Every couple of months, our closets experience a seasonal shift – or maybe a tragic tornado is a more apt description. As the temperature changes, cupboards suddenly transform into a jumbled mess of tangled t-shirts, track-suit pants and jumpers, turning your morning routine into a search party for your pants. 

Thankfully, there are a few simple ways you can make space for your new wardrobe without getting rid of a single item of clothing. By following these ultimate storage hacks, you’ll not only have a more organised closet but ensure your out-of-season clothing is fresh, clean and ready for summer after months in hibernation. 

1. Wash and dry well  

The first step to storing out-of-season clothing is to give them a good spin in the washing machine. After you’ve washed your clothes, be sure to dry them thoroughly before storage. Any moisture or odours left behind will only attract ravenous insects for a late-night feast, ruining your prized and priceless garments.

2. Don’t hang everything  

While it might be fine to drape a jacket over a hanger when you’re using it regularly, the same can’t be said for long-term storage. For items that can easily lose their shape like silks or synthetics, rather fold it. Storing them like this will ensure the fabric doesn’t stretch over time or become damaged. 

3. Say no to mothballs 

Mothballs might be a popular way to deter pesky insects, but is it the best? Containing toxic chemicals, the pesticide can be harmful to both pets and children. Using natural deterrents like cedar blocks or lavender-scented sachets is a safe and more humane way to repel the little critters while also leaving your clothes fresh and fragrant. 

4. Store in a dark, dry place

Once you’ve prepped your clothes for storage, it’s time to find the perfect place to store them. While extra space in your home might appear limited, dead space under your bed, staircase or at the top of your closet are all excellent places to store out-of-season clothing. When storing these items, be sure to place them in a sealed container or bag. You can also wrap your clothes in acid-free tissue paper for extra protection. 

5. Free up space with self storage 

If you’ve utilised every inch of your home or apartment and still have no space, then the next best option is a secure self storage facility nearby. Easy to access, well-maintained and ideally located in the centre of residential areas, the lock-up-and-go units are the perfect extension of your closest. 

Need a secure and spacious place nearby to store your seasonal clothes or gear? Storage King is the perfect solution. With our flexible contracts, wide range of unit sizes and affordable prices, storing your belongings will be a breeze. Contact us at 0800 0852 954 to find out more or get a quick and easy quote online.

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