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Ultimate hacks for storing home gym equipment

Posted: 19 October 2021

Gym Equipment Storage Hacks

A lot has changed in the last year, including the way we work out. With the pandemic introducing many restrictions, home workouts became a top trend in many living rooms, backyards and even bedrooms around the world. Although a great way to keep fit and save money, storing gym gear can be even more of a challenge than getting in your daily sweat session. The good news is that you can have your cake and work it off at home too! Simply follow these smart hacks for neat and organised equipment. 

1. Hang bands and ropes 

There’s nothing more frustrating than grabbing your skipping rope during an intense HIIT workout only to spend the next 10 minutes undoing a ball of knots! For gear that gets easily tangled during storage, install a few hooks next to your gym area and simply hang them up after your workout.

2. Install a rack for mats 

Whether getting your sweat on in an online Zumba class or a solo weight lifting session, an exercise mat is an essential piece of equipment. Although these can be easily rolled up and stored in a cupboard or against a wall, extra space is hard to come by for many. A rack is a clever way to get these off of the floor and out of the way. You can buy one specifically designed for this purpose or get creative and DIY one!

3. Take advantage of wall space

Walls are like a blank canvas – the opportunities are endless with a little bit of creativity! From floating shelves to pegboards, there are plenty of ways you can harness your wall space for storage. This option will allow you to easily access smaller equipment such as dumbbells, headphones and water bottles while still keeping them organised and out of the way.

4. Use standing shelves

While most gym equipment can be tucked away almost anywhere, heavy weights are part of the exception. Big and extremely bulky, they can take up your entire closet and even break a toe if not stored away correctly! When storing these, it’s best to use sturdy standing shelves or solid racks that can withstand the weight of your equipment. 

5. Pack away in storage containers

Storage containers are ideal for any medium or large items that can’t be packed away neatly. These handy boxes come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes and can be stacked on top of one another to maximise the space available. When storing items in these, be sure to store heavier gear at the bottom of the stack to make packing up easy and injury-free!

If you have a few items taking up space in your home gym, Storage King is the perfect solution! With our flexible contracts, wide range of unit sizes and affordable prices, you can store your valuables with complete ease. Contact us at 0800 0852 954 to find out more or get a quick and easy quote online.

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