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Ultimate hacks for storing garage tools

Posted: 31 August 2021

Ultimate Storage Hacks Tools

Have you tried to find a tool in your garage and spent ages searching only to come back empty-handed? Between juggling busy work schedules and keeping the house clean, the garage can often become a dumping ground where precious and pricey tools disappear forever. Try these simple storage hacks to keep your favourite tools organised and in tip-top shape: 

1. Organise your garage into zones 

Whether your garage is big or small, it can quickly become unmanageable if there is no organisation or structure in place. The first step to a functional and clutter-free garage is to divide the space into zones designated for particular tasks such as woodworking and gardening. Once you’ve decided which tools are going to go where, you can start creating custom storage spaces for each. 

2. Incorporate shelving 

Shelving is a smart and cost-effective way to create storage, especially in a small space. With a few shelves above your workstation, you can easily store small and medium-sized tools that you need on hand. Potentially hazardous items such as pesticides and paints can also be stored in a corner on heavy-duty shelving. 

3. Install a pegboard for small tools

If you like working with your hands and fixing things around the house, there’s a good chance that you have dozens of spanners, screwdrivers and other smaller tools lying about. To avoid misplacing these, hang them up on a pegboard and label each. You can use a variety of sturdy hooks to keep your tools in place, something as simple as a few nails will also do the trick! 

4. Use storage bins for big items 

When it comes to bigger items like power tools or outdoor seasonal items, it’s important to store these in something that is both weather and child-proof. Industrial plastic bins are great for larger items and can be easily stored and stacked on top of one another to free up space. It’s also a good idea to list the contents in each bin on the top so you can easily track down your tools.

5. Keep it clean and clutter-free

Once you’ve got a solid system in place, you’ve got to keep it that way. You can do this by creating checklists and visual reminders such as labels to remember to put each item back in its place. Another top tip is to snap a picture of each zone and refer to it when you’re unsure of where something goes. 

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