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Ultimate hacks for storing fresh fruit

Posted: 28 September 2021


For many, there’s no greater joy than biting into a crisp, juicy apple or a succulent strawberry, but keeping these delectable fruits fresh and perky can be a nightmare. From bruised bananas to mouldy melons, many of us will throw away piles of expired fruit every month due to poor storage. Yet with a few simple and effective tricks, you can not only keep your fruit fresher for longer but reduce your daily food waste.

Here’s how: 

1. Start fresh 

The first step to keeping your fruit fresh and tasty is to buy the best produce right from the start. Whether you get your fruit from a local farmers’ market or a large grocery store, be sure to inspect your fruit for any blemishes, soft spots or fungus before adding it to your basket. It’s also a good idea to check the expiry date before purchasing as there is nothing worse than storing some delicious fruit only to come back to a bag of brown mush a day later. 

2. Give them space

Fruits like their space – and for good reason. Fruits such as bananas, peaches and pears all produce large amounts of ethylene which is a natural plant hormone that speeds up the ripening process. If paired with other fruits, they will cause them to ripen faster, running the risk of going off too early and ending up in the bin. 

3. Refrigerate to keep crisp

It goes without saying that the fridge is vital for keeping produce fresh and crisp, but this isn’t the case for all fruits. While apples, berries and grapes thrive in these cool conditions, stone fruits such as peaches and plums as well a few from the citrus family don’t. 

4. Use a fruit bowl to ripen 

For these exceptions, it’s best to ditch the fridge drawer for a festive fruit bowl. While simple, this is an effective way to store fruits that still need a bit more time to ripen on their own. When storing your fruit here, be sure to keep the bowl out of the sun and away from flies and other fruit-loving insects. Remember to also keep an eye out for tip 2, and be careful of which fruits you store together! 

5. Freeze for the long-term 

If you are a real fruit fanatic and love stocking up on the season favourites, then the freezer is an ideal way to keep your haul ripe and ready all year long. Freezing your fruit is ideal for keeping fast-ripening fruits such as berries and bananas from going bad, and it’s also a fantastic addition to a smoothie on a hot summer’s day. 

As self storage experts, we know all the tips and tricks to storing your things. With our flexible contracts, wide range of unit sizes and affordable prices, you can store your valuables with complete ease. Contact us at 0800 0852 954 to find out more or get a quick and easy quote online.

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