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Tips to plan your New Year’s resolutions

Posted: 29 December 2020

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The start of a new year is the perfect time to wipe the slate clean and set your intentions to achieve success. Whether you want to learn a new language, grow your business or exercise every day, the same building blocks are needed to achieve your New Year resolutions. 

Here are a few helpful tips to guide you in setting realistic goals that will leave you feeling fulfilled and victorious. 

Be simple but specific

Be detailed about your goals and realistic about what is possible to achieve. It’s exciting to set big goals that leave you feeling enthusiastic for the first few days of the year, but despondent shortly after. 

Make sure that you are realistic with your goals and don’t be shy about setting smaller resolutions. Being specific about your goals will help you know when you’ve met them and track your progress along the way.  

Write your goals down

Putting pen to paper offers a sense of accountability and suggests a higher chance of accomplishing your goals. Once finalising your goals by writing them down, you can revisit them and check-in with yourself throughout the year. 

Clear the clutter

Make sure that your mental and physical space is clear of distractions. Declutter your home and workspace to eliminate disturbances and create a productive environment that is good for your mental health and work efficiency. 

Find someone to hold you accountable

Tell a close trusted friend or family member about your goals for the year so that they can check in with you throughout the year and hold you accountable. It’s easy to give up after a couple of months, but having someone support you along the way could give you the motivation that you need to complete your goals. 

Celebrate the small milestones

If you set yourself a goal that could take an entire year to achieve, then it helps to have milestones along the way to celebrate the small successes. By celebrating these small successes, you’ll feel motivated to keep going until you reach the end goal. 

Be compassionate with yourself

Remember that it’s okay to slip up and make mistakes. Be forgiving and remind yourself of why you set your goal in the first place and get back on track to success. 

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