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Tips to deep clean your living room

Posted: 28 April 2020

Cleaning Your Living Room

Does your living room need a deep clean but you are too hesitant to get started? It doesn’t need to be as daunting as it seems, if you follow these simple tips.

You are at home anyway, so why not make the most of the time getting organised!

Tips to deep clean your living room

  1. Start with a quick clean

This doesn’t need to take long. Spend about 10 minutes packing everything where it should be, taking the dirty dishes to the kitchen and throwing away what should be in the bin. 

  1. Dust

Once everything has been packed away and you have a blank canvas, get that duster and dusting cloth out! Dust everything from the ceiling to the books. This is not only to make the area look clean, but it’s a great way to help manage any dust allergies.

  1. Clear the room

Move things out of the way so that you can get right in there. Move all the books and décor items to the kitchen and the couches out of the way in preparation of the next step. If some of the décor needs a bit of a wash, do so in the kitchen and let them dry there. While your couches are out of the way, you may want to consider taking the covers off if you can to give them a wash (otherwise a good vacuum will do).

  1. Clean the area

Start by vacuuming the area and then wipe the floor, shelves and walls down with warm water and your cleaning solution of choice.

  1. Polish it off

Once everything has been cleaned, grab the furniture polish and carpet cleaner. This not only smells great, but it also helps prolong the life of your items. Once the space is clean, pack all of the books and décor pieces back into the living space.

  1. Enjoy!

Now simply enjoy the area that you’ve worked hard on. Make yourself some tea, put your feet up and enjoy your new organised and clean space!

What you may find when you go through this process is that your living room just has too much stuff in it. If you need help decluttering, give us a call on 0800 0852 954 and we’ll keep your items safe and secure for when you need them again.

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