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Tips to consider when moving offices

Posted: 23 April 2021

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Are you moving offices? Businesses need to adapt to succeed, including upsizing or downsizing office space as needed. By adjusting your need for space, you can cut costs and better manage your resources.

Moving offices can press pause on your operations or your ability to trade, so it’s important to make the move quick and efficient. Here are a few tips to help: 

  • It may sound obvious, but before even committing to the move make sure that the new office has enough space for employees and equipment. A good agent will always make sure you have the perfect space to meet your needs
  • Take a careful look at the furniture in your current space. Will it be enough, or do you perhaps have too much to fit into the space? If too much, consider multi-use furniture such as ottomans with storage space etc.
  • Boxes are your friend. Use sturdy boxes to store your items during the move and name each of them so you know what goes where. Good news, we sell a wide variety of quality boxes at all of our stores
  • Take advantage of a self storage unit to store stock, inventory or excess items during your move so that you can still trade while you settle into the new space. We have plenty of e-commerce customers that use our secure self storage units to store and sell items

Do you have any tips to add?

This week, we featured three local businesses that take advantage of a self storage unit to help with their storage needs. 

Sheilas’ Shutters

Wooden shutters are versatile in function and beautiful in appearance. Monday’s Local Business Spotlight shines the light on Sheilas’ Shutters, a company based in Gloucestershire with more than 15 years of experience in the wooden shutter industry. 

Their expertise has been acknowledged by winning the Southern Enterprise Award for specialty window shutter supplier 2020 and receiving a distinction for client service excellence. Find out more about Sheilas’ Shutters on their website.

H M Computer Services

H M Computer Services is more than just a computer and IT services company, they are a family-run business that has expertise in internet security, monitors, printers, Wi-Fi extenders and a range of other services.

With more than a decade of experience serving the people of Herts, Beds and Bucks, H M Computer Services are the go-to-choice for many. Find out more about Wednesday’s Local Business Spotlight on their website.

Eco Cleaning Gloucestershire

Friday’s Local Business Spotlight features Eco Cleaning Gloucestershire, a multi-service cleaning company that adapts their services to your cleaning needs. Their dedicated team of cleaning experts are ready to tackle the job that you hate!

Whether you need cleaning of offices and commercial premises, end of tenancies, once of cleans or even domestic ovens, Eco Cleaning Gloucestershire has you covered. Find out more about the company on their website.

At Storage King, we offer safe and secure, conveniently located self storage solutions to meet your business needs - whether they are temporary or long-term. Contact us at 0800 0852 954 to find out more about our flexible lease agreements and different size units.

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