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Tips to celebrate Valentine’s Day during lockdown

Posted: 09 February 2021

Valentines Day At Home

Valentine's Day is all about sharing the love and reconnecting with your loved one (and yourself). Normally, this may be done by going out to fancy restaurants or planning a trip. While the lockdown restrictions will certainly limit the usual plans, they will help to create an intimate mood as we practice social distancing. 

Are you ready to transform your home into a romantic getaway? Here are a few special ways to celebrate Valentine's Day during lockdown.

Host a fun games night

You may think that you know your partner, but there’s nothing like a fun quiz game to test your knowledge and create a bit of banter. If may allow you to connect with your partner in a different way, so why not give it go. A quick search online will bring up plenty of options.

Cook a romantic meal together

You may not be able to go out for a candle-lit dinner, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have one at home. Pick out your favourite recipe and prepare the romantic meal together. Put on a special outfit and lay the table with candles and flowers. It’s amazing how easy it is to create a magical atmosphere in the home. 

Create a themed room

Clear out one of the rooms in your home and use various craft materials and household items to create an entirely new scene. You can then dress up for the evening and step into a whole new world. For example, you can fill mason jars with candles, cut out flowers from coloured paper or blow-up swimming pool inflatables.  You can visit Hawaii without ever leaving your house!

Top tip: you may discover that you have a lot of clutter while creating a themed room. Self storage is a great place to safely store your belongings and open up space in the home.

Host a home cinema night

Transform your sitting room into a movie house by laying out a daybed, fluffing up the couch and making some delicious butter popcorn. If you want to go the extra mile then you can print out tickets with seat numbers and even set up a projector. We’d suggest a rom-com for Valentine’s Day - but up to you!

Spa day at home

Create a relaxing mood at home by setting up a massage table and treating your loved one to a massage.  All that you need is a flat surface, a couple of warm towels and some essential oils. 

Do you have any other fun and unique ideas on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home?

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