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Tips on safely storing your electrical items

Posted: 25 June 2019

Tips On Safely Storing Your Electrical Items

Technology is forever evolving and our gadgets are constantly upgraded to slimmer, faster and lighter versions. With so many changes happening, you may find you’re buying new electronics on an annual basis.

Electronics are expensive so it’s important to protect these items properly, whether short or long-term.

Here are few tips on how to safely store your electronic items.

Clean your electronics

Electronic devices can gather dust and dirt, especially the items that are at your fingertips or sliding in and out of your pocket. Make sure to clean the screens with the right product, using a cloth to wipe down all areas where dust has accumulated.

Use original boxes

Many people seem to hold onto the boxes that their items come in. This is the ideal solution when it comes to storing your electrical items because the box was designed to accommodate the shape and size of the item to best protect it.  If you don’t have the original packaging, Storage King sells a wide range of packaging materials onsite.

Remove all batteries

Always remember to remove the batteries from the devices to prevent any corrosion and battery discharge. Store them separately as battery acid can leak and damage your electronics.

Detach all wires and cables

Remove all wires and cables before storing your devices. Put all components of the item together and store them with their respective electronic item. Label your wires and cables to match with the right device to avoid any uncertainty.

Don’t stack your electronics

If you are going to use self storage to safely store your electronics, make sure to rent a suitable sized storage unit to prevent damage from over-stacking your boxes. We offer a wide variety of unit sizes to best suit your needs.

Why store with Storage King? Our stores are conveniently located with flexible leases and prices which are competitive, transparent and affordable.

If you’re looking for safe and secure self storage, why not give us a call on 0800 0852 954 or get a quick online self storage quote here.

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