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Tips for your annual spring cleaning

Posted: 02 March 2021

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While it might not seem like it just yet, the month of March introduces the start of spring and encourages the mood for a fresh start. It’s around this time of year when many people choose to tackle a deep clean of their home.

At first, the idea of spring cleaning can be a daunting one. However, if you approach the project in an organised and logical way then it can be quite a fun and rewarding one. Here are a few ideas on how to make your spring cleaning easy and enjoyable. 

Make a schedule

Trying to spring clean the entire home in one go can be an overwhelming challenge. Instead, you can break up the task into bite-size chunks and create a schedule. Consider which areas of your home need the most love and start there. You can then move from room to room, ticking off your spring cleaning checklist as you go along.

Use appliances to help

Technology can make spring cleaning a breeze. Take advantage of the vacuum cleaner, a steam cleaner and various automated cleaning appliances to help get the job done. 


The annual spring clean is the perfect time to throw out belongings that are no longer used or take up space. Have a few black bags ready as you organise your closets and go through your junk drawers. Decide whether you want to keep, store, donate or throw out each item that you come across. 

Don’t forget the walls and windows

It’s easy to forget about the structure of our home while spring cleaning. The floors are normally given a lot of attention, but the walls and windows are often forgotten. Use a damp towel and cleaning chemicals to wipe down windows, walls and blinds. 

Protect against allergies

Spring cleaning can be a nightmare if you suffer from allergies. To avoid sneezing for hours on end, make sure that you protect yourself from dust. Wear rubber gloves, a mask and even a hairnet. You may look funny in the moment, but at least you won’t get skin irritations and allergic reactions. 

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