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Tips for organising your office

Posted: 02 July 2019

Office desk

We’ve all heard the old adage that an organised desk leads to an organised mind. While your colleagues might not mind what your desk looks like, a messy surface gives the impression of disorganisation. An organised office is key to staying focused, allowing for a more productive and efficient work performance.

Here are six ways to transform your office into a productive working environment:

  1. Keep important items to hand

If there is something you use frequently, such as a phone or a desk calendar, make sure it is within your reach. Nothing wastes time quite like having to search for a pen or get up to look for a file. If you have many items you need frequently, you may need a bigger desk, or to rethink the shape of it. Store items that don’t need to be on your desk in other areas of your office.

  1. Organise your drawers

Don’t think that shoving everything into an already overflowing drawer is the way to clear clutter, as this is a short-term solution and doesn’t fix the problem. Make every effort to keep your drawers as tidy as possible. If paper is getting in the way, switch over to paperless systems for filing, or keep a file sorter near or at your desk for dealing with papers before they pile up.

  1. Rearrange your office

Evaluate your office layout and decide how you can best optimise the space. Try repositioning or even getting rid of furniture to open up room and make it more comfortable. Feeling comfortable in a well set-up environment can improve your productivity and quality of work.

  1. Have a cleaning schedule

A simple but effective way to keep the workspace neat and tidy is to clean as you go along – set the bar and make it a habit. This way you’ll feel refreshed and ready to tackle the days’ work. Handy tip: Implement a thorough office spring clean at least once a month.

  1. Surround yourself with delights

You’ve left your comfortable home for your drab office, but as this is where you spend most of your day, it shouldn’t be! Paint your office in a colour you like, and hang posters or pictures which motivate you.

  1. Invest in self storage

If there’s anything that you should be investing in for your office, its business self storage at Storage King. We provide convenient and flexible self storage solutions, available across the country – perfect for storing bulky filing systems, spare office furniture or excess inventory.

You can be sure that your possessions are safely stored in secure, alarmed units and our facility is monitored around the clock by CCTV. The 24-hour accessibility means you can access your unit anytime you wish. We also offer a confidential shredding service and sell a wide range of packing materials on-site.

Implement these easy and effective ways to keep your office space organised and maximise your work flow to be your best.

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