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These designers are taking luxurious living to the next level

Posted: 01 October 2021

Designer Touches Blog

Design not only shapes the world around us but how we experience it. As a fashion student, Mary Georgiou was drawn to the delicate balance of beauty and functionality and the impact it could have on society. After crafting an award-winning label, she turned her creative eye to interiors and founded Designer Touches. Now along with her team, Mary is creating unique spaces that permeate perfection and practicality.

How it All Started

Mary established Designer Touches in 1999 with the desire to develop spaces that were not only luxurious but livable. By paying close attention to the finer details, the Surrey-based studio gradually grew into a reputable firm with a number of prestigious awards to its name, including the Best Residential Interior Apartment Award. “Our personal yet professional approach ensures that our design service is tailor-made to meet each of our individual client's needs,” Mary says.

Specialised Service

The highly skilled professionals offer a variety of specialised services to make the design process seamless and stress-free. From the initial ideation, all the way through to the production and installation, the Designer Touches team manages each project alongside their clients to ensure their vision becomes a reality. “Building a strong client relationship is at the heart of our business,” Mary says. “We place great importance on getting to know our clients and ensuring that we work closely with them to deliver not only a stunning space but on time and to budget.”

Designer Touches and Storage King

Although masters at managing and executing enormous projects, the team were delighted to receive an extra hand from Storage King Epsom when it came time to store their high-quality decor and furniture. “Storage King has been paramount to the business’s success,” Mary says. “It has enabled us to manage projects and deliveries as well as provide flexible storage solutions to meet our changing demands.” While assisting the designers with their daily operations, the Epsom team also provide them with the necessary support to focus on what matters most – their clients. 

The Designer Touchers team have a number of exciting projects in the pipeline including the renovation of a luxury villa in Cyprus, a stunning Victorian terrace property in Fulham and a complete redesign of a grand 5-bedroom Surrey mansion. To find out more about Designer Touches and their incredible home makeovers, visit their website or read their insider tips on our blog. 

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