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The most beautiful gardens to visit in Cambridge

Posted: 25 May 2021


Cambridge is famous for many things, but its evergreen gardens are certainly top of the list. Whether you’re desperate to get back in touch with your wild side or simply want to take a nice stroll through a lush field, Cambridge is the perfect place to reconnect with Mother Nature. So next time you’re in Cambridge, stop and smell the roses in these beautiful gardens: 


1. Cambridge University Botanic Garden

People flock from around the world to visit the prestigious Cambridge University, but no trip is complete here without a walk in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden. The garden spans an incredible 16 hectares and is home to over 8 000 plant species from around the globe, as well as Britain’s native plants. Booking is essential, so make sure you secure your spot well in advance to avoid disappointment. Once you’ve received confirmation, pack a picnic and begin your journey through this enchanting landscape. 

2. The Fellows’ Garden

The Clare College Gardens is home to five different gardens. One of the largest and most alluring is the Fellows’ Garden. This masterpiece was inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement in Gloucestershire and showcases the unique sectional style and vibrant colours of the period. Among the garden’s must-see features are two species of deciduous conifer trees. Find a comfy spot on the lawns and marvel at these ancient giants.

3. Christ’s Pieces Flower Garden

If you’re looking for a lovely place to sit, relax and soak up nature, then Christ’s Pieces Flower Garden is a place you can’t pass up. Situated in the heart of Cambridge, this charming park beams with beds of tulips and primulas, ornamental trees and a memorial garden dedicated to the late Princess Diana. This Victorian park is the perfect place to catch some rays and lap up a delicious snack with friends and family on a nearby bench. 

4. Alexandra Gardens

Alexandra Gardens is located a stone’s throw away from the River Cam and is an ideal spot to visit on a cool summer’s day. The verdant space is shaded by rows of mature trees and features a bowling green, pavilion and fenced-in play area for the kids. Play a game of bowls on the sprawling lawns or simply admire the garden’s five plane trees which have been growing in the park for more than a hundred years. 

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