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Tee’s Removals: Elevating standard removals services in Nottingham

Posted: 12 August 2022

12 Aug Blog

Moving can be a pain - figuratively, literally and financially. From stress-packing to nearly breaking your back loading boxes into the car and then unloading - a little help is necessary.  

If you’re looking for a full-service removals specialist in Nottingham, look no further than our latest Local Business Spotlight, Tee’s Removals. Not only will this team of experts ensure your items are safe during transport, but they’ll even pack and unpack for you.  

We caught up with Danny and Betty at Storage King Nottingham to discuss how they’re elevating Nottingham’s removals industry. 

Can you tell us about yourselves and the business

I’m Danny, the owner, and I founded Tee’s Removals in 2017. I started with a single van and one other person, but I’ve built up to four vans with a lorry on the way and ten staff members. I typically handle all quoting and oversee the moves. 

I’m Betty, the office manager. My role includes handling the admin side of the customer journey and the marketing, including managing our social media profiles.  

What makes Tee’s Removals unique? 

A service that separates us from competitors is our decluttering, packing and unpacking service. This allows us to handle the biggest pain point of moving so our customers can move stress-free. We can also arrange temporary storage at Storage King Nottingham should our customers need it and specialise in transporting difficult items prone to moving damage, such as pianos.  

What challenges have you faced as a business and how did you overcome them? 

The main challenge we’ve faced is the current economic and housing market. It’s become an unstable environment with Brexit, COVID-19, the cost of living crisis, and the war in Ukraine. So many factors have driven prices up, and people are holding off on moving which has impacted how we operate daily. Luckily, we’re still busy, and we’ll keep going.  

What are your top tips for running a removals business? 

The first is to build a team with experience in handling expensive or bulky items with care and precision. The second is to manage your online presence through social media and a quality website and know how to engage with potential customers online. Lastly, always have the proper protective gear to offer your clients, including furniture covers and floor protection.  

With 30 years of combined experience and an expert team ready to declutter and pack up your home, Tee’s Removals is taking stress-free removals to the next level. Contact Tee’s Removals today by visiting their website, Instagram, or Facebook page.  

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