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Storage Solutions for Expanding Aylesford Businesses

Posted: 04 March 2015

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As the UK's economic performance remains respectable, particularly when compared with a sluggish Eurozone, business and consumer confidence has gone from strength to strength. Job creation in the UK has been surprisingly rapid and wages are starting to pick up in response to an improving economy.

This confidence is no better exemplified than with the growth found in Aylesford in 2014. In the fourth quarter of the same year, constituents of Chatham and Aylesford spent around four percent more than during the same quarter last year. In the region as a whole, spending increased by two percent. Local businesses in Aylesford have reaped the rewards of this growth with 2014 turnover from small businesses increasing by ten percent from the same period in 2013, compared to the six percent increase for small businesses in the country as a whole.

As businesses in the local area look to take advantage of the region's economic buoyancy, growing their operations through business storage solutions can offer the perfect answer.

Storage Solutions for Aylesford

Even though there are some exceptions to this growth, with local retail turnover decreasing by two percent compared to the same period last year, there was a three percent increase in the region as a whole. This exception has not deterred businesses in Chatham and Aylesford, with 36% of small businesses in the area having been set up in the past three years, and 82% of small businesses having a turnover between £0-250k, 13% having a turnover between £250k-1m and five percent having a turnover between £1m-5m.

As local businesses in the area continue to grow in confidence, having all the means possible to take advantage of this growth is vital for these smaller businesses. Encouragingly, 57% of start-ups in Aylesford continue to trade after 3 years, matching the national average. For many start-ups, keeping costs down by looking for extra space to store their stock and equipment will be at the forefront of their minds.

Similarly, growing businesses looking to move to larger premises may want to use business storage solutions as the surest way to store and protect their assets whilst the new premises is being prepared. As 2014 saw Aylesford consumers spend about six percent more in supermarkets and eight percent more on DIY than they did last year, and with all age bands increasing their spending, 2015 is certainly the year for businesses to make the most of the benefits business storage solutions provide.

Find further information here from our Business Storage solutions page or speak to one of our Storage King advisers on 0800 0852 954 to get a quote.

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