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Storage King Tri's their best for Rays of Sunshine

Posted: 14 September 2015

rays of sunshine triathlon

On Sunday 6th September two teams from Storage King Head office took part in the Tri4life Triathlon held at Woburn Abbey to raise funds for Rays of Sunshine. The event consisted of a 400m open water swim, a 22k bike ride and finished with a 5K run.

In order to push the staff to their competitive limits they split into Boys verses Girls teams. Competition was running high for not only the bragging rights for the fastest team, but also for the team who raised the highest level of sponsorship.



Storage Queens v Storage Kings

Swim - Emma Chesterton-Kay (Acquisitions & Development Manager) v Terry Doman (Operations Manager)

Cycle - Rachel Hardman (Marketing Manager) v Andy Webber (Regional Manager)

Run - Monica Chohda (Financial Controller) v Simon Fothergill (Regional Manager)


On the day the weather conditions were perfect and the scene set for all six staff to take part in their first ever triathlon. The teams arrived in great anticipation with their wet suits donned, tyres pumped and calves stretched ready to take on the challenge ahead.

The 400m swim kicked off the race with Terry and Emma swimming in a freezing cold lake, managing to avoid getting tangled in the many reeds, negociating past ducks and keeping their heads above water! After this exhausting feat they then had to clamber out of the lake and run 200m uphill in their wetsuits to the transition point. Terry edged ahead with a slim lead of just 37 seconds to pip Emma into the transition zone and handover to Andy.

The bike course was hilly, with almost no flat sections to give competitors a respite. Andy headed off with a short headstart up the first hill. Fortunately training proved its worth here as Rachel managed to catch Andy up and overtake him on the second hill of the 22k course. A lonely 56:41 minute bike ride followed for Rachel as the course consisted of 2 laps which took riders out of the Abbey grounds and into the surrounding beautiful countryside. Unfortnately Andy's luck did not improve and towards the latter stage of his first lap his bike chain fell off and he had to complete the rest of the lap coasting on his bike. Rachel and Andy headed into transition with Rachel completing the 2 laps and Andy completing  1 lap in 57:28 minutes.

This left Monica and Simon heading off within one minute of each other into the final stage, the 5k run. This final leg was a real battle with the lead changing hands throughout the run. As the remaning team members stood at the top of the finishing hill it was Monica who crossed the finish line first in an impressive 25:05 minutes, with Simon not far behind.


Despite Simon managing to complete his 5K in 24:51 minutes the Storage Queens total time for all three events was 1 hour 37:30 minutes against the boys 1 hour 37:40 minutes, although the boys did miss out 11k of the bike ride!


All in all both teams were very proud of their accomplishments and even more so for the funds they raised for Rays of Sunshine. The 'Storage Kings' team have so far raised £715, with the 'Storage Queens' smashing their £500 target with a total of £1,435 to date with more donations still coming in for both teams.

Storage King is delighted to have raised so much for such a worth charity as Rays of Sunshine and would like to thank all their very generous suppliers for their sponsorship and look forward to the partnerhsip continuing in 2016.


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