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Storage King Epsom Celebrates 10 Years Of Business

Posted: 16 November 2018

Storage King Epsom Celebrates 10 Years Of Business

Storage King Epsom has been serving the community of Epsom and surrounds for a celebratory 10 years.

During their 10 years of dedicated service, Storage King Epsom has been a part of some exciting moments. The bold blue and yellow facility was featured in the filming of Doctor Who and has been trusted to look after the belongings of a number of celebrities including soap stars, rappers and several football players (one of which has three World Cup goals to his name).

Storage King Epsom has also come across a few interesting requests, with one client storing his Spitfire plane in the facility. Well, parts of it at least.

Since the facility opened ten years ago, numerous additions have been made as the business has continued to grow due to an increasing number of consumers and businesses realising the benefits that self storage offers. Today, Storage King Epsom is trusted with over 30 000 ft2 of rented occupancy.

In 2012, it underwent renovations to add 171 units to the facility. This expanded their services to the community by offering a range of additional units varying in size from 10 to 450 ft2.

The Epsom facility is also proud to assist local charities and other organisations in need of help. The local Rotary Club of Ewell and a local children’s football team are two examples of organisations that store in a free unit at the facility. In this way, Storage King Epsom hopes to see charities and organisations prosper without the stress of not having space to safely store their belongings.

Storage King Epsom is always looking for new ways to improve the customer experience. They recently introduced a new shredding service which has made it a popular site for hard drive destruction, as well as the shredding of all sorts of documentation.

When it comes to safety and security, this is a key focus for Storage King. Each of the units are individually armed and the facility is covered by 24-hour monitored CCTV.

We look forward to celebrating another 10 years of exceptional service and taking care of Epsom’s self storage needs. If you are a business, family or student that needs a self storage solution in the broader Epsom area, feel free to pop into our conveniently located facility on Blenheim road, or call us on 01372 726 294. You can also find all the information you need on Epsom self storage page.

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