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Storage King cleans up its act!

Posted: 12 May 2014

recycled storage waste

At Storage King we are experts in storage space, but we all know the most important space is that which surrounds us all. With this in mind; since late 2011 we have worked alongside M T Waste to reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill.

In 2013 we recycled an impressive 96% of all the waste collected from our sites, with just 4% going to landfill.That equates to an amazing 7 double decker buses full of waste which has been recycled.

Storage King is committed to reducing waste and as such we are targeting to recycle 97% of our waste in 2014.

But we haven't just stopped at recycling, Storage King is working towards becoming a Greener company and we are looking at all areas to make improvement

Lights on……Lights off!

In addition to recycling we also have motion-sensor lighting fitted in all our stores, so our corridors are only illuminated when in use, another way we are reducing our environmental impact.

Tree conservation

At Storage King we sell a wide range of boxes, all of these are made from 75% recycled materials. Once our boxes are finished with they are 100% recyclable, even the glue used to bind them is biodegradable.

Turning Paper into Towels

We even make sure that the services we offer are environmentally friendly. Our shredding service will not only dispose of your private and confidential documents in complete confidence, but also recycle them into paper towels, so that the paper doesn't go to waste, and can be used again!

To find out more about the efforts were making to do our part for the environment or to see how our storage facilities can help you, get in touch with your local store or drop in for more information!

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