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Spring-inspired office lunches

Posted: 05 April 2022

05 04 22   Spring inspired office lunches Blog

After a long winter of chilly nights, rain boots and heavy stews, spring is finally here! That means it’s time to shake off the last of the winter chill and embrace the change of season. While a hearty stew is always a favourite, spring is the season for bright and refreshing meals.  


From crisp salads to light soups and refreshing fruity desserts, our top Spring-inspired office lunches will have you counting down the minutes until lunchtime. 


Basil chicken lettuce wraps 

As a carb-free alternative to a traditional wrap, the crispness of the lettuce adds the perfect burst of crunch. This version is packed with protein, flavour and colour thanks to the combination of chicken, pineapple, chilli and Thai basil. Perfect for lunch, these goodies only take a minute to put together, leaving you with more time to eat one more.  

For the full recipe, click here. 


Spring roll bowls with sweet garlic lime sauce 

These bowls are perfect if you love building a meal without requiring a shopping list of hard to find ingredients. Great to make in a pinch, this flavourful dish consists of rice noodles, fish sauce, your protein of choice and whatever veggies you have on hand. With a cook time of 30 minutes, these spring roll bowls are quick and easy to make the night before and taste just as good the next day.  

Pro tip - Do not sniff the fish sauce bottle. It’s magic when mixed with the right flavours but will destroy your senses on its own. 

For the full recipe, click here 


Carrot and coconut soup 

With a total of 10 easy to find ingredients (carrots, coconut milk and red curry paste, most notably), you can blend this treat into existence in a flash. As a bonus, this soup is perfect hot or cold, making it great regardless of the unpredictable spring weather.  

For the full recipe, click here 


Spinach, apple and pecan salad 

This no-cook wonder meal is the ultimate spring salad. With spinach for greens, an apple for sweetness, pecan (or almonds) for crunch, and crumbled feta for creaminess, this salad may become your go-to meal all spring. If your inner carnivore is crying out, feel free to toss in your favourite protein - diced bacon is always a winner. 

For the full recipe, click here 


Fruit bowl tartlets 

What good is a spring lunch without an equally tasty dessert? Fruit tarts are the go-to dessert, and it's easy to see why. Shortcrust pastry, a sweet custard filling and tart fresh fruit? Yes, please! Resist the urge to gobble these down straight away - you need to keep at least one for lunch! 

For the full recipe, click here. 


If you’re knee-deep in your spring cleaning and trying to find a home for your seasonal items, Storage King is your answer. With affordable self storage units all over the UK in a wide variety of sizes, we’ve got the space you need.  

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