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Space too small? Try these clever tricks for a bigger and brighter home

Posted: 01 February 2022

01 02 22 Styling Hacks To Make Your Small Space Look Bigger Blog

In the last few decades, our living spaces have been getting smaller and smaller. As the world spends more time in their homes, people are beginning to realise just how small their space is, and they want to do something about it. While it might seem like the only solution is a sledgehammer and a bottomless renovation budget, decor can work wonders, too. Read on to find out 5 nifty tricks that’ll make your home feel bigger and brighter. 

Declutter every room

You'll need a lot of open floor space if you want to make a smaller home feel bigger. When you're living in a high density, urban environment, clutter naturally accumulates, making your home look and feel smaller than it actually is. 

Get a couple of boxes and sort through all your items, separating them into a pile you’ll keep, throw away and donate. Once you’ve decided which items you’ll be holding onto, find an appropriate space for them that is hidden from view and out of the way. 

Clear the floors and walls

Having a small home can feel like you're living in a shoebox, but something as simple as clearing the floor space and walls can completely open up your space. Start by removing bulky items hanging on the wall like old artworks and shelving, and any unnecessary furniture or clutter that has accumulated on the floor. Create a clear pathway to the living room and entrances in the house so there is nothing blocking the natural flow of the house. 

Use smart storage compartments

As city apartments and flats shrink, furniture designers are having to think out of the box. The result? Multifunctional furniture that can be used as extra storage. There are a number of furniture pieces available that are both stylish and functional like ottomans, bed frames, coffee tables and chairs. Another way to get rid of clutter and make your home feel more spacious is to utilise dead space in your home. This could be stackable totes under the bed or storage containers in organisers behind doors. 


When it comes to allusions, it’s all smoke and mirrors for a reason. Whether upcycling an old mirror from the thrift store or investing in mirrored appliances, mirrors are great for reflecting natural light and making your home feel less cramped. Strategically placing these reflective surfaces will fool the eye and create an optical illusion of larger living space. 

Utilise lighting in dark corners 

Lights illuminate a home, making it feel bigger and brighter. If you have areas of your home that don’t receive natural light, install a couple of chic and modern fittings to fill the space with light and make the room feel like one large space. You could also consider installing higher quality pendants that hang over the work surface, leading to the illusion of more headroom.

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