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Settling in the UK is not just about finding the right property

Posted: 01 April 2013

1 Apri Settling In The UK Is Not Just About Finding The Right Property

The world has become very small place these days and people move more and more from country to country. The main reasons for people to move to different area are:

  • Higher employment and better career prospects
  • More wealth
  • Better services (education, healthcare, etc.)
  • Better climate (stable climate)
  • Safer place with less crime and better community
  • Political stability
  • Lower risk from natural hazards

The UK is one of the countries that fulfils those expectations, and is therefore one of the countries with a very high rate of migration. Nevertheless, moving to the UK is one thing but settling in is another story. Many things are different here and apart from having the proverbial separate left and right taps for hot and cold water and driving on the left side of the road, there are many things that a relocatee has to get used to.

While relocatee's are always concerned about finding right type of property, we often find that they need to compromise because their expectations are different to what they can afford or what their country has to offer. For example, if we relocate an American family to the UK, such a family will most likely expect quite a large house with lots of space. Since the UK property market is very different, they will find that the houses are much smaller and so are the gardens, and everything is slightly more crowded. They may be very disappointed and if they really wanted to maintain the size of house they require, they may need to put their hand deeper in the pocket; large property in the UK will definitely cost more than they would pay in the USA.

People will therefore need to compromise on many occasions. Such compromises do not need to be so painful if people settle in well. That means if they become a part of the community. While it is much easier these days to move anywhere because we can keep in touch with friends and family via social media channels, it is important that the persons integrate in the society, otherwise they will be spending most of their time at home, in front of their computers and they will eventually start hating life in the UK. There are many activities and groups for people who are new in the country who can definitely help pointing anybody moving to the UK in the right direction.

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