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Self Storage Solutions for Households in Mitcham

Posted: 24 November 2021

Storage King Mitcham

Storage King Mitcham is a top choice for households, businesses and students looking for an affordable self storage solution in the area. Conveniently located in Mitcham Industrial Estate on Streatham Road, we offer a range of storage units, from small units measuring 10 sq. ft to larger units reaching 300 sq. ft

Our secure self storage facility is monitored with CCTV and alarm systems, providing a safe solution for household storage needs. Whether you’re renovating your home and need a temporary solution, or you need a more permanent solution while downsizing, we have a selection of units to choose from. 


If you have a few questions before renting self storage, you’ve come to the right place. Let our friendly and professional Storage King Mitcham team answer all your household storage questions.

What Are Some of the Common Reasons a Household Might Need Self Storage?

Are you running out of space in the home? Do you need storage space while downsizing your home? There are several instances when household storage comes in handy. 

Consider the following ways that a storage unit provides value:

  • Temporary storage while moving house
  • Relocating due to new work opportunities
  • Decluttering unused or seasonal items to make space in the home
  • Running out of space while downsizing your home
  • Keeping your valuable belongings safe while renovating

Not only does self storage serve as an extension of your home, but it's an affordable and convenient solution for keeping your household belongings safe and secure. 

Large units provide an ideal solution for furniture storage, while smaller units are useful for keeping sentimental items safe. Whatever your reason for needing more space, self storage is a cost-effective solution. All that is left is to determine how much space you need using our nifty size estimator!

How Long Can You Store Your Items in Self Storage?

Each person’s storage needs will differ. While one person may need short term storage during a renovation, another may need long term storage after decluttering. Storage King’s flexible rental agreements provide a solution regardless of how long you need storage. 

At Storage King Mitcham, you can rent a self storage unit for as little as two weeks or as long as you need. Our short term storage agreement meets your needs for space for up to six months, offering the ideal solution for storing furniture during a renovation or keeping household belongings safe during a move.

If you need a long-term storage solution, you can sign up for a prepaid long-term rental and save money in the process. Save 10% off of a 6-month rental and 15% off of a 12-month agreement. 

We understand that life happens, so if your needs change over time, you can upsize or downsize without any extra cost! Unsure which of our self storage units that you need? Use our storage size estimator for a better idea, or chat with our friendly team!

Useful Tips to Prepare Your Household Items for Long Term Storage

Self storage provides a safe and secure space to store your household belongings for an extended period, but it’s important to prepare them properly. 

Consider the following tips before you move your household items into your storage unit for long-term storage.

  • Take an inventory of your household belongings before moving them into storage
  • Invest in quality storage boxes from our packaging shop 
  • Label your boxes with the contents inside
  • Seal all boxes with quality packing materials
  • Clean and dry appliances before packing them in storage
  • Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap, packing paper or polystyrene chips for cushioning
  • Consider a climate-controlled unit
  • Vacuum, wipe down and polish any furniture items
  • Cover furniture with sheets or furniture covers
  • Treat leather items with conditioner 
  • Ensure that your storage unit has top security, such as CCTV surveillance
  • To be safe, keep items off of the floor using pallets or shelves

A little bit of care can go a long way in protecting your household items for long-term storage.

What Should You Not Put In a Storage Unit?

At Storage King Mitcham, we go above and beyond to meet our customers' needs. That is why we have rules on what can and cannot be kept in a storage unit. The restrictions for our self storage facility are for the safety of our tenants, their belongings and the facility as a whole.

The following items should not be kept in a self storage unit for health and safety reasons:

  • Food and perishable items that attract pests 
  • Hazardous materials that are toxic, flammable or combustible, such as paint, fertiliser, fireworks, oil, acid, and compressed gas
  • Stolen and illegal goods
  • Weapons and ammunition that present a liability issue
  • Living and dead items, such as plants, flowers, animals and human ashes
  • Wet items that can be damaged by the growth of mould and mildew, such as kayaks, surfboards
  • Priceless items that can't be replaced, regardless of insurance
  • Money is best stored in a bank deposit box or banking account
  • Tires as they present a fire risk
  • Unregistered or uninsured vehicles, such as cars or boats

If you are ever unsure whether or not your belongings can be safely stored in your self storage unit, you can always call our friendly team at 0208 646 8930.

The Benefits of Storing at Storage King Mitcham

Storage King Mitcham offers many benefits to customers who store their household belongings at our self storage facility. 

  • Helpful and friendly staff
  • Secure units monitored by alarms, CCTV and electronic gates
  • 24 hour access, available on request 
  • Flexible lease agreements
  • Competitive storage prices
  • Van hire service with Hertz 24/7
  • Packing materials for sale on site
  • Secure shredding facilities
  • Free use of pallet trucks and trolleys
  • Staffed reception during working hours
  • Discounts offered for long term rentals

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