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Self Storage As An Extension Of Your Home

Posted: 01 March 2019

Self Storage As An Extension Of Your Home

Do you find that no matter how hard you try, you never seem to have quite enough space in your home? Your shelves are constantly cluttered with keep-sakes and summer clothes cause your winter wardrobe to spill over. Self storage has become an increasingly popular solution by serving as an extension of your home, a safe place to store your belongings when you simply do not have space.

At Storage King, we prioritise customer service and go out of our way to build strong relationships with our customers. We recently chatted with Alison, a long-term tenant at Storage King Cambridge, about how self storage has helped her manage her surplus belongings over the years.

Alison’s story

Alison spent the majority of her adult life traveling with her husband in the military. During this time, they accumulated a lot of belongings. When her husband retired approximately two decades ago, they first settled down in Sussex, which has countless barns and large properties. The need for space didn’t even cross their minds.

It was around this time that both Alison and her husband received their inheritance, adding to their number of belongings. Soon after, their children moved out of home and they found themselves needing to downsize in order to manage their lifestyles. This prompted them to move to a smaller, fully-furnished flat in Cambridge.

Alison comments, “We tend to be hoarders, so as you can imagine, we struggled to find a place to store our many belongings. Although we don’t buy much, we have accumulated a lot over our lifetime. What we needed was a dry and warm place to store our belongings – and we found this space with Storage King Cambridge.”

Alison stores the likes of wine, seasonal clothes and even their second car with Storage King Cambridge. She comments, “At first we had three units. We’ve since managed to cut down our needs to one unit. The flexibility of the rental agreement has allowed us to do so without any added costs.”

“We love that the facility is convenient and always open. Not to mention the helpfulness of the staff. Over the years we have developed a very close relationship with the Store Manager, Carol. She is wonderfully helpful”.

Storage King Cambridge

Whether you are a hoarder, slowly going through the decluttering phase or downsizing your home, Storage King offers a storage solution to best suit your needs. Storage King Cambridge is conveniently located at 505 Coldhams Lane, Cambridge and our friendly and helpful staff are always ready to answer any of your questions. Simply call us on 01223 241 184, or get a quick and easy online quote.

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