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Safely storing your sports gear

Posted: 26 November 2019

Sports Gear Blog Post

Most of us will already have packed away our summer sports gear and began pulling out the winter essentials. Whether it’s your ski gear or the large winter clothing that keeps you warm while you brave the cold streets, finding space to keep all these items between winter adventures often becomes a problem in the home.

Sports gear takes up a lot of space, so finding a place to store your summer items out of season as well as your winter essentials that you need to keep close at hand can prove challenging.

This is where self storage comes in. It’s the ideal solution for helping clear your home of sports clutter. 

Here are a few handy tips on how best to store your gear in self storage. 

  • Clean your gear properly before placing it into your self storage unit. Remove all dirt and make sure the gear is completely dry before being packing away. The damp can cause damage and result in unnecessary repairs later down the line.
  • Do the necessary repairs on any damaged equipment before storing. You don’t want to be rushing to get ready for your holiday and find that your gear is damaged.
  • For the more fragile items, make sure that they are securely wrapped and protected in either bubble wrap or old towels/clothing. Don’t worry if you don’t have any of this though, as we sell a variety of self storage packaging materials in our stores.
  • Keep your self storage unit organised to make it easy to find your items when you need them. Try to place the items back in the same place each time.
  • Store the current season’s equipment at the front of the unit so these items can be easily accessed and then rotate the gear around when the season changes. This is also a good opportunity to spot check things if you forgot to do so when you put them into your unit.

Why clutter your home when there is a simple and convenient solution. With Storage King, you can store your items for as short as two weeks or for as long as you need. You won’t have to worry about security either as each of our units are individually alarmed* and monitored by CCTV. 

View our conveniently located self storage facilities near you and contact us for a quote on 0800 0852 954.

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