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Retiring? Self storage can help (1)

Posted: 24 January 2020

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When it comes to retirement, downsizing is often a process that many people follow as they look to simplify their living spaces and prepare to move into a smaller home.

With downsizing, we often have to make difficult decisions about what stays and what goes. This usually involves three options: keeping, donating or throwing away. Donating could include either passing those items on to a family member or to a charity, but what about items that simply do not have a home to go to but are far too sentimental to throw away?

For many, self storage has become the answer. We have helped thousands of people across the United Kingdom as they head into the golden years by offering a safe and convenient space to store the items that are closest to their heart. These may be those sentimental items that remind you of your children growing up, or that special piece of furniture that you simply can’t get rid of. Or you may find yourself in a situation where you are looking to pass furniture on to your children who simply do not have the space available at that current moment.

Whatever the reason, self storage provides a safe and convenient place to store those items when you do downsize.

Downsizing for retirement

As the saying goes, less is more. You’ll be surprised at how much freedom you can achieve by downsizing your home and the environment around you. It can be a daunting process though, especially if you have not been diligent over the years in terms of what stays and what goes.

Tips for downsizing your home

The trick to downsizing and decluttering your home is good planning. To help you along, here are a few tips:

  • Tell your friends and family – if they’ve left anything at your house, now is the time for them to collect it. Get rid of anything that is not yours. This also offers an opportunity to ask your friends and family to help you pack and move!
  • Use the six-month rule when decluttering – if you haven’t used an item in the past six months, donate it, throw it away or put it into self storage.
  • Avoid duplicating items within your new home – if you already have two TVs, try to sell one of them or put it into storage for when you children may need it. If it’s not for them, there are plenty of children’s homes or charities that would gladly accept it.
  • Use secure self storage - At Storage King, you’ll can assured that your valuables are safe as our stores have individually alarmed units*, CCTV and gated access. With us you also have a variety of different unit sizes to choose from so that you can select the right sized unit to match your needs (and budget).

If you are planning your retirement or simply downsizing your home, our affordable self storage is perfect to give you the extra space you need. Don’t hesitate to pop into one of our easily accessible and conveniently located facilities or give us a call on 0800 0852 954.

*At selected stores

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