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Meet YoungMinds, the mental health charity raising support for youth in the UK

Posted: 08 October 2021

Youngminds Mentalhealthtips

The world is facing a mental health crisis, with more young people affected than ever before. In the UK today, an estimated five children in every classroom has a mental health problem, many of which face these challenges alone and in silence. Yet, one organisation is on a mission to change that. Offering children, young people and their parents support and knowledge, UK charity YoungMinds is paving the way to a world where no person has to feel alone with their mental health again.

While mental illness has always been a prevalent issue, it has become an even bigger concern amongst children and teens in recent years. The dramatic changes in home and school life brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic saw many young people experience some level of isolation, depression and anxiety. The impact of these changes was revealed in a survey conducted by YoungMinds, where 80% of young people agreed that their mental health worsened as a result of the pandemic. 

Although the evidence is overwhelming that more youth are at risk of reaching their crisis point, access to proper support is still unavailable for many. In fact, only 1 in 3 young people with a mental health condition get access to NHS care and treatment. YoungMinds was founded to fill this growing gap and raise awareness of mental health issues. Whether youth need professional support, a shoulder to lean on or simply to know that they are not alone in how they are feeling, the organisation ensures that all young people get the necessary support as quickly as possible.

Storage King recently partnered with the YoungMinds team to help them in their mission to support, empower and give a voice to vulnerable youth across the UK. By donating a portion of all new customer move-ins to YoungMinds, the team aims to assist in their efforts and raise awareness. 

​​“When we were placed under the first lockdown, it put significant mental strain on everyone throughout the UK, regardless of age or social status. As a business, we knew that we had to focus on driving awareness of mental wellbeing and support organisations that are on the front line each and every day, helping those in need during what can only be described as an incredibly difficult and uncertain time. We are greatly appreciative of our partnership with YoungMinds and look forward to making a positive change alongside them,” says Storage King CEO Robin Greenwood.

By building a space for young people to learn and feel safe and supported, YoungMinds has helped hundreds of struggling youth speak up and get the treatment they need and deserve. 

“We are incredibly excited to be Storage King’s charity partner who, through their fundraising and awareness-raising, will help to show young people that they’re not alone with their mental health,” says Director of Development at YoungMinds Vanessa Longley. 

If you want to get involved in this important organisation, simply visit the YoungMinds website to find out more. 

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