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Leadership in 2020

Posted: 15 September 2020


This has certainly been a year of disruption, but it has also been a year of change. We have all had to adapt to these changes, especially businesses in each and every part of the UK.

Through these changes, the way in which businesses are led has also shifted. In this blog post we look at these shifts.

How businesses have changed in 2020

  • Hiring

With the lack of face-to-face interviews, the hiring process has had to change as a result of the global pandemic. Making use of online video conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Skype has become the norm for many businesses and recruitment agencies.

  • Management

Managing a team while working remotely can seem difficult at first. However, with new and innovative online platforms it can actually make such management more effective. It's important though not to lose that personal connection with your team, so aim to arrange check-in sessions at the beginning and end of each day to see where people may need help and to track the progress of certain projects. 

  • Quality vs quantity 

We've all had to adapt to remote working environments, which has made many businesses reconsider flexitime. It will be interesting to watch how businesses across the UK shift in how they structure their work day with many proving the ability to work productively remotely.

  • Office space

Many businesses are taking a close look at the amount of office space they actually need, with everyone being forced into a remote working environment. As we mentioned above, for many this has proven to work really well and so there may not be a need for extensive office space. We can expect an impact to the commercial property sector if this trend continues. 

  • Creativity

Creativity often happens on the fly, whether that be while chatting to a colleague over a cup of coffee or alongside their desk. With a remote working environment we may miss a lot of these opportunities, so it's important to foster such creative sessions with the broader team. Many businesses are arranging more brainstorming sessions as a result and if we continue to work remotely so we can expect such sessions to become the norm.

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