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Interesting facts about Derby

Posted: 13 October 2020

Facts About Derby

Many consider Derbyshire to be one of the most interesting areas of the UK, from the setting of 'The League of Gentlemen' to the many celebrities who call the county home. The city of Derby has a number of unique facts and features as well, from historical moments of the industrial revolution to claimed invention of the hot dog. Here are a few facts about this unique city.

Facts about Derby

  • Old bells

The bells of the Derby Cathedral are some of the oldest in the world. Aged at around 500 years old, some of them are still in use today. Bells that were made during the reign of King Henry VIII are still rung today and not only does the cathedral have some of the oldest bells, but it also has one of the highest towers in all of England.

  • Hot dog inventor!

Who would have thought that the American favourite hot dog would have been the invention of an Englishman from Derby? Well, some argue that it was. The claim is that after immigrating to the US, food pioneer Harry M Stevens noticed that there was a need for people to keep their food warm at baseball games. He then came up with putting the sausages into rolls to keep spectators warm as well.

  • Fancy a burger?

The food flare of Derby doesn’t end with the claimed pioneering efforts of Harry M Stevens! Annie’s Burger Shack was voted England’s Best Burger Bar in 2019. The burger bar sticks to authentic American style burgers and has options for vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers. To find out more about Annie’s Burger Shack, take a look at their website.

  • Birthplace of Lara Croft  

Officially, Lara was born in Surrey, but she was created in Derby by one of the lead designers at Core Design in the city.

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