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How to put your best foot forward: 5 essential shoe care tips

Posted: 24 September 2021


For many, a good pair of shoes is priceless. With the proper care, they have the power to drive us through life’s greatest trials and even transform them into triumphs. This belief is at the heart of The Shoe Snob; a leading UK shoe company dedicated to preserving our finest footwear. With years of experience and knowledge in shoe care, the team provide others with the tools and tips to keep their shoes in the best possible shape. 

Whether you feel your best in a sleek pair of Oxfords or study brogues, take it from the experts and follow these simple tips for shoes that’ll last a lifetime. 

1. Invest in a shoe tree 

While it may seem like a luxury, shoe trees are essential for keeping your favourite footwear in optimal condition. Not only do the handy accessories absorb the moisture that naturally accumulates in your shoes, but they also ensure the shoes retain their shape and fresh scent. Although it’s recommended to have a shoe tree for every pair – it can be a bit pricey, so make sure you have at least one that you can rotate. 

2. Use a shoe horn 

If you love nothing more than a pair of pristine leather shoes, then you’ll want to invest in a shoe horn. These practical and portable little tools allow you to slip on a sleek pair of Derbies with complete ease, protecting the leather at the back of the shoe from creasing or damaging. 

3. Protect against bad weather 

Although it may seem like a no-brainer, even a little drizzle can damage your beloved shoes. For those rainy days, it’s best to carry a quality umbrella with you to protect your shoes from the harsh elements. If they do get a bit wet, simply stuff a few paper towels inside and allow them to dry naturally. 

4. Regularly clean, moisturise and polish 

It goes without saying that every shoe enthusiast should have a leather care kit in their collection. These kits typically include a leather cleaner and conditioner, horsehair brush, shine cloth as well as leather polish and applicators. If you are wearing your shoes throughout the week, it’s advised to give them a good clean and shine at least once a week. 

5. Store with care

Extremely hot and humid conditions can wreak havoc on your precious leather shoes. If left in the sweltering sun, the leather will not only fade but eventually dry out and crack. The best practice is to keep your shoes in the original box they came in and store them in a dark, dry cupboard. 

The team at The Shoe Snob have become the go-to guys for all shoe-related tips and tools. To find out more about these shoe specialists and their impressive range of premium products, head to their website or discover how they shaped this thriving business from the ground up on our blog

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