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How to protect your company from phishing attacks

Posted: 25 June 2021


Technology has introduced many opportunities, but it has also made space for security risks. Phishing scams are a threat to businesses but fortunately, there are ways to protect your business data. 

Here are a few tips:



  1. Install security software including antivirus programs, spam filters and firewall programs. As the first line of defence, security software can prevent your employees from accessing malicious websites. 
  2. Make sure that the software is up to date. Outdated software presents a security risk and increases the chance of phishing scams. Schedule regular updates for security software, operating system software and internet browsers and apps.
  3. Look after your remote workers. As remote work increases in popularity, it’s important to allow remote workers safe access to your central server through encryptions and password policies. Educating your team on best practice is equally important.
  4. Schedule regular backups to protect existing information in the case of an emergency. Regular backups will ensure that your company data will be fully recoverable. 
  5. Be strict with password protection. Sensitive business information is often protected by passwords. Enforcing password policies with an expiration date and rules for characters help to make them more difficult to hack. 

While protecting your business from criminals online is crucial, protecting it from physical threats like break-ins is just as important. This week, we profiled three businesses that make use of Storage King’s safe and secure self storage facilities as an added precaution. See who featured below. 

Kayu Gangsa

As the world becomes increasingly globalised, it’s easier to explore new cultures and discover traditional music.  Monday’s Local Business Spotlight shone the light on Kayu Gangsa, the UK's only Professional Malaysian Gamelan Group. 

The group is based in Nottingham, sharing traditional music, dance, crafts and shadow puppets around the UK and Europe. Visit Kayu Gangsa’s Instagram and website to learn more about their educational workshops, classes and residencies.

BetterClean Services

Are you looking for a way to keep your commercial space sanitised? Wednesday’s Local Business Spotlight shone the light on Betterclean Services, a team of highly trained staff that go above and beyond to offer expert cleaning.

Whether you need cleaning for commercial offices, caravan or even holiday parks, Betterclean Services have you covered. Find out more on their Instagram and website.

Jewel Training

The Jewel Training team has one main goal – to develop brilliance in people, teams and business. Founded by Julie Johns in 1999, Friday’s Local Business Spotlight has a customer-centric approach to high-quality training and coaching.

Jewel Training offers bespoke programmes, workshops, and coaching and mentoring to clients in various fields. Since the pandemic, Jewel Training has also launched its new VIEW program; a Virtual Interactive Engaging Workshop. Visit their Instagram and website to find out more about Jewel Training and how they keep their finger on the pulse of focused development. 

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