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How to protect my items in storage

Posted: 30 November 2021

How To Protect Items In Storage

Self storage units offer a safe and secure space to keep your valuable personal and business belongings. Whether you’re struggling with space in the home or looking for a cost-effective alternative to warehousing, self storage offers a convenient solution. 

When trusting your belongings with a facility, it’s important that you have confidence in their security systems. It’s equally important to put protective measures in place before moving into your unit. So, how do you protect your items in storage? Here are a few tips from the experts

How to choose a secure self storage unit?

Self storage facilities should prioritise your belongings and offer world-class security in exchange for your trust. Consider self storage facilities that offer 24/7 storage access and CCTV, as well as individual locks on each unit. Having confidence in the security of a facility will help you sleep easily at night knowing that your belongings are safe.

What packaging supplies are best?

Some items may be durable, while others are more delicate. Packaging supplies play a crucial role in protecting your belongings. Make sure that you invest in boxes that are durable and strong. Use quality tape to seal your boxes and bubble tape to protect fragile items. You may also be interested in furniture covers to protect the material from dust. 

Are there restrictions in self storage units?

Do your research and make sure that you don’t store any items that may present a risk. For example, food and perishable goods need to be properly secured and packaged. For the safety and security of the whole facility, live creatures, flammable substances, firearms, chemicals and illegal substances are all prohibited.

Is insurance necessary for my storage unit?

While some storage facilities offer basic insurance, actual belongings are not usually insured. Consider whether or not you want to insure your belongings for peace of mind. If you’re storing highly valuable belongings, then it’s worth the extra cost. 

What’s the best way to organise belongings?

Once you’ve chosen a secure storage facility, bought the necessary packaging materials and finalised insurance, then it’s time to move into your new unit! Make sure that the unit is clean beforehand. Use a wardrobe box to store clothes, add covers for furniture and hang sports equipment on racks when necessary. You should also place heavier boxes at the bottom and position your items around the walls for ease of access. 

At Storage King, we strive to make the self storage process as easy as possible. We ensure optimal safety at our facilities and provide various services to help protect your belongings. Browse our conveniently located facilities and get a quote today.

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