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How to organise your playroom

Posted: 09 March 2021

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Organising your child’s playroom may seem like a pointless exercise as we all know how quickly the toys can end up on the floor again. Still, having a bit of organisation in the playroom can help to streamline tidying up and remove a lot of clutter. 

There are several tips that can help to make the playroom a neat space with a quick clean-up routine. Here are a few to consider.

Invest in clear bins for toys

It’s easy to throw everything into a box when packing away a mountain of toys. However, having clear bins that are dedicated homes for certain toys will make it a lot easier to find them quickly and easily as the containers are see-through and all similar items are grouped together. For example, you can keep all puzzles in one transparent bin and all soft toys in another.

Use labels for storage 

While clear containers will help you identify where certain toys are at a glance, having removable labels can help as well. On one hand, they allow you to identify where toys are with ease and on the other hand, it introduces a bit of a reading exercise to the playroom.

Set up a library for books

Reading is an important part of playtime and there’s a good chance that you’ll have several children’s books in your playroom. Make sure that these books are neatly stored and that damage is prevented by installing a few shelves to use as a library.

Keep messy items out of reach

It’s one situation to walk into the playroom and find a bag of building blocks emptied on the carpet. Walking in to find paint and playdough pressed into the carpet is another story entirely. Make sure that you keep messy toys out of reach from little hands. This is a simple way to keep the playroom neat and tidy.

Declutter old toys

In many instances, old toys can take up a lot of space and create clutter. Some of these old toys may be broken and can be thrown out. However, some toys are still in good condition and could bring countless hours of fun for someone else. If you’re planning on growing your family at a later stage, then you can store these old toys in a self storage unit, perfectly serving as an extension of your home. 

At Storage King, we understand the need for extending the home space. We offer conveniently located units across the United Kingdom in a variety of sizes and available to rent with flexible lease agreements. Contact us at 0800 0852 954 for more information, or get a quote online.

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