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How to design the ultimate student dorm room

Posted: 11 January 2022

How To Design The Ultimate Dorm Room

Getting ready for college often involves packing all your belongings into a space the size of a matchbox. With limited space, it can be difficult to create a room that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Luckily, there are a few design hacks that can help you transform your tiny room into a study sanctuary. Try these tips to create the ultimate dorm room. 

Invest in multifunctional furniture 

As city apartments and student flats shrink, furniture designers are having to think out the box. The result? Multifunctional furniture that doubles up as handy storage. Today, you can find stylish ottomans, bed frames, coffee tables and chairs that all have secret storage compartments where you can safely store a variety of household items. 

Pick the perfect colour 

It's important that you pay attention to the colour of your room. Remember, your walls and sheets will be up for the entire year, and maybe even longer, so make sure they match your personality and style while still being conducive to learning. A good corner of inspiration is Pinterest; scroll through boards with colours and designs to find one that suits your mood. You can keep your walls a neutral colour and add a dash of colour with a fun pattern or geometric shape to corner off your study zone. 

Make the space your own 

Okay, so we know that dorm rooms don't come with the most exciting interiors and there is a high chance your university may not allow you to go crazy and paint a technicolour mushroom on your wall, but it doesn’t mean you can’t put your own personal stamp on the space. 

Work around those pesky technicalities and look towards simple DIY solutions. After some thought and a trip to your local hardware store, you could easily breathe new light into your space with some striking artworks, upcycled materials and fun lighting. 

Brighten up the place 

Productivity flourishes in a space that is bright and open! The best way to achieve this is with natural light. Try positioning your desk next to a window or in a room where sunlight streams in throughout the day. For those late-night study sessions, invest in a desk lamp with warm white bulbs as an alternative to natural light. While artificial, a desk lamp will be softer on your eyes and reduce headaches. Fairy lights are also a great way to add some ambience when friends come over. 

Bring in some greenery 

From cacti and ferns to fresh flowers and delicious monsters, there are plenty of plants that thrive indoors. When choosing plants for your room, decide on which spaces need a little bit of greenery and buy your plant based on the lighting in these areas. If you weren’t gifted with a green thumb, cacti are nearly impossible to kill. Head to your neighbourhood nursery and select a couple of lush additions to freshen up your space. Not only will this addition make your home feel fresh and welcoming but it’ll act as a natural filter for indoor pollution. 

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